Why I wanted to start a Blog

I thought that a blog would be a great place to share my thoughts with the world.  I have enjoyed reading others blogs, and I thought that I can do that, so here I am.  My blog is going to have a variety of thoughts on it.  Some major themes that you will see: Life Lessons, Thoughts on Life with God, Seminary Ponderings, Sports Rants, The Office Recaps, and any other random thought.  Feel free to comment at anytime, and I will reply to you as soon as I can. 

A few other notes.  I’m new at this so have some patience with me.  If you want to be linked to this blog then shoot me a note.

The title of my blog is from the Chris Tomlin song. “The Way I Was Made”
Caught in the half-light, I’m caught alone
Waking up to the sunrise and the radio
Feels like I’m tied up, what’s holding me?
Just praying today will be the day I go free

I want to live like there’s no tomorrow
I want to dance like no one’s around
I want to sing like nobody’s listening
Before I lay my body down
I want to give like I have plenty
I want to love like I’m not afraid
I want to be the man I was meant to be
I want to be the way I was made

Made in Your likeness, made with Your hands
Made to discover who You are and who I am
All I’ve forgotten help me to find
All that You’ve promised let it be in my life

I think it just sums up what it means to be a follower of Jesus: to be who Jesus created us to be. So this blog is a reflection of God’s creation in me. That’s why I will have no difficulties sharing about those peculiar things about me. My love of the 49ers and The Office because they are part of the unique person that God has created me to be.


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One response to “Why I wanted to start a Blog

  1. Scott

    welcome to blogging.

    it can be addicting.

    reading ’em, that is.

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