The Joy of Catching Up with Old Friends

I had an opportunity this afternoon to talk with a high school friend of mine from back in Oklahoma.  He is recently engaged and newly graduated, so we talked about our changing lives.  It was such a joy to hear from him and hear that he is having a great life.  Now, obviously in this 15 minute talk, we weren’t going to bring up all the negative stuff in our life, that’s normally not what you do, but it is refreshing to hear that he has Life and not just a breathing kinda life, but the kind of Life that you hope for and pray for. 

I’ve talked to him and a few others here recently as they move to a post-college life and it’s exciting to hear them and about what they are doing.  It’s great to get that connection.  I know our relationship won’t ever be the same, but I know that we will always be friends, and it is great to know that the investment that we put into one another’s lives (after all isn’t that what friendship is) has improved the quality of lives of those who are friends. 

I’m reminded of our friend Paul.  I say friend because he wrote letters to us all, but in those letters he made a special effort to say Hi to those old friends that he had.  He wanted them to know that even though they were separated, he thought about them, prayed for them, and cared for them.  Now that’s the kinda friend I hope to be.  That when someone thinks about me, and they haven’t seen me in 2 months or 2 years they think, I know Aaron, and I know that he still probably thinks about me from time to time, prays for me, and cares for me.  And maybe then we’ll get to share a Word to each other about Life.  And we will do it as we always did it, as Friends.


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