Beating Christ the King!

I had the opportunity to coach my first basketball game this afternoon.  My 5th & 6th Grade boys team at The Lexington School beat Christ-the-King 13-9!  Personally, it was the most exciting 22 point game, I have ever seen. 

A few special notes about the league.  We have 3 teams at TLS, and we have tried to divide the teams as evenly as we could.  During the 2nd quarter, you can’t play your starting 5.  You can’t press until the 4th quarter.  And no standings are kept in the league.  So, this league is set up to try to play as many people as possible and keep the games fairly even. 

 One of the more difficult things about coaching then is playing time.  My strategy was to play my starters the whole 1st quarter.  Reserves the whole 2nd quarter, and then to sub in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but try to have my starters in the game in the 4th quarter.  I felt good about my rotation, and it was exciting to see all of the players who wanted to play as I looked down the bench and saw those hopeful eyes wanting to play.  These kids were just so excited to play the game of basketball!  And myself and my assistant Coach Adams, we were jumping up and down, calling out plays, encouraging and coaching up kids.

I think my favorite part of the game was just being involved in a fun, competive atmosphere.  I think we can get so busy in life that we forget that life is meant to be played and enjoyed, and it is best enjoyed with others.  More joy is accomplished when we accomplish something with others.  So, yea it was only 1 game and 22 total points, but it was more than that.  It was a chance to play together, to learn together, and to celebrate together!


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  1. Shannon

    I have six players on my team for the Y. Five of them showed up for practice on Saturday. I’m concerned about exhaustion and we only get one time out per half. Even if the sixth player shows on Saturday, and the benching for missing practice, there is a level of exhaustion.

    But, I love coaching. Game 1 on Saturday for us.

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