My Meeting with a Spiritual Guru

I just got out of a meeting with my New Testament professor, Dr. Mulholland.  I decided to just have a conversation with dealing with the realm on the spiritual life.  I was very excited about this because I think like many, my spiritual life struggles, as I get to busy for time alone with God, and instead get focused on external matters.  Here are my reflections from that time together:My time should first be an offering to

My time should first be simply an offering to God.  It is God’s choice to do w/ my offering what he will.  It shouldn’t be done for my warm fuzzy’s or mountain top experiences because then I am not doing it for God, but doing it for my religious false self.  So, my time with god is simply and purely an offering.

Next, I am one of the persons that like noise and have a hard time focusing when I am silent, which is OK, and God can use that, but I feel the need to build up habits of being still before God, and as I build up the habits of stillness, it will be more natural for me to do, and if I can be still and let God be God in my life, and he has a place of entering in for transformation then I can be the child of God that I was created to be.

Dr. Mulholland recommends that we read using the lectionary, so that we can the whole picture of scripture, and get into those parts that we may not know the most about and let them be new lights of transformation.  This we should do. 

My final reflection is something that hit me while I was working on the title of this blog.  I see Dr. Mulholland as a spiritual life guru.  (I am sure he would never call himself that!)  His insights into the soul are so profound that I am so moved by what he says even off the cuff in class, and so when I had an opportunity to meet with him and discusses the things of God with him.  What a treat!  Here I am with a Man who knows God so intimately, and then it hit me.  I have an opportunity to meet with a God who knows Himself so intimately, and so often I don’t make time to meet with the Spiritual Guru, and I don’t allow myself to be transformed by His love and grace.  It is with that Zeal and pure love that I am to come to The Spiritual Guru and allow the Word to become Flesh in my life, and transform me from the inside out.  So, I am done here to read my Bible, pray that I will be shaped by the Word.



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