Server for the Lord

Moving to Kentucky to go to seminary is a step out in faith for many of us.  It’s always interesting when us seminarians talk about leaving our nice jobs (whether we realized it or not) and coming to Asbury and praying that God will find the right place for us.  Now while there are a lot of churches in the Lexington area, but not enough for every seminary student, so many of us are left to find other employment to get by.  I currently have 3 jobs: 5th & 6th grade basketball coach,  before and after school counselor, and server at Tastebuds restaurant in Wilmore.  I might blog about my job doing before and after school care some other time, but I want to reflect on my time at Tastebuds.

Tastebuds is an old-school malt shoppe where we serve, milk shakes, pizza, and sandwiches.  We have four booths that seats four people, and a counter where 8 can sit.  Gary and Beth Hoenicke are the owners.  As one of our employees told me, “You have two bosses who can’t agree on anything.”  They are great people to work for though, and work very well with us seminary employees who do whatever is needed: washing dishes, making shakes, getting orders, wiping tables, getting supplies from the basement, etc.      Now one of the things that I learned about postmodern ministry is that it is a ministry that goes out into the community and meets people where they are.  I remember an undergrad professor hammering in our heads that Jesus did most of his work in the community!  So, I really see my work at Tastebuds is a ministry.  Because it is your classic hole-in-the-wall place, where if you come more than twice we know your usual and we are wondering how your last test was or how your weekend trip went.  There is something so important about being known isn’t there?  And when you come into Tastebuds, you are known.  So, we then our given an opportunity to be “community” for these persons!  We can laugh together, complain together, fellowship together, and love together.  This is the essence of a community being there for one another.  This is why I love my job there because it gives me a chance to serve more than food, but souls.  And that is my calling in life to serve the souls of men and women, and lucky for you sometimes that comes with a milkshake.


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