Steroid Era (Updated)

It was a sad day not just for baseball, and for sports, but for responsibility in general.  As you probably know, George Mitchell released his report on the steroid use in baseball.  If you don’t want to read over 400 pages of info read this for a recap. The biggest names were Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the most dominating hitter and pitcher respectively of the steroid era.  We had heard a great deal about Barry Bonds especially in the book Game of Shadows.  We had not heard Roger’s name being brought up, but it is no surprise as like Bonds he had just as good of stuff at 40 as he did at 22. 

Baseball’s black eye continues to get darker with this report and the steroid usage is significantly greater than the names that were in the report.  There are probably hundreds of more cheaters in the game, easily.  Many of whom never will get caught.  But today the focus is on those who are listed, and so far I haven’t read or heard anyone taking responsibility.  I hear a lot of people talking about looking to the future.  So far in the whole era, I can only think of one person, Jason Giambi, who has stood up and apologized for what he did over 2 years ago.  Of the thousands who have sold, bought, known about, or covered up the use of steroids.  I can only think of one person who took responsibility without being backed into a corner or using the steroid era for personal gain, see Canseco, Jose.  Bud Selig, commissioner, didn’t stand up today and say I didn’t do enough to stop steroids in the game.  The owners didn’t say that they loved the money too much that they were making.  The General managers continued to and continue to sign players who they know or suspect to be on steroids.  And multitude of players both of high character and low character have seen players juice up and say nothing.  Why is that?

Because we (as a society) are afraid to take responsibility for our actions.  We don’t want the world to know that we are wrong.  Sadly, taking responsibility is a sign of weakness these days.  Why take responsibility when you can blame someone else?  This should not be.  And the truth of the matter is that the world shows grace to those who take responsibility.  We forgive those who take responsibility because truly we respect them.  We respect them for taking down their masks and being vulnerable to the world.  We respect them because we wish we could be like them and be freed from the bondage of our concealing our mistake, our sin.  So, I hope that some baseball players will stand up and take responsibility.  I hope that we all can. 

This just in.  Someone taking responsibility.


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  1. Shannon

    I grew up loving the game of baseball. Today was just a sad day all around for the sport. I’m considering taking my youth group to the Lexington Legends in the summer. Now, I’m wondering if I should. I probably will, because it’s great entertainment and cheap, but do I want to support that with my money and bring the youth there? It’s something worth considering.

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