Our Return to Norman

This past Sunday, Heather and I returned to Norman to go to the church that we had been working for about 3 years.  We were somewhat anxious about returning because of some of the unfortunate circumstances that occurred before we left and that have continued after we left.  (That is my nice way of saying how the church didn’t act like the church).  We didn’t quite know what to expect as we had been trying to avoid the painful drama that occurred there.

We had told our close friends the Diehls that we were coming (so that we could secure a bed), but wanted to surprise the others there.  There 3 year-old daughter Emily let the cat out of the bag when she initially refused to go to Sunday School until she saw “Aaron.”  (Hearing that put a smile on my face).  Heather described the reaction by almost all of the people who saw us, as he said that it was like they were opening up another Christmas present.  They would turn the corner and a big smile would pop on their face and their arms would open up ready for a hug.  It really hit me however when we were sitting in the pews and we sang the Christmas song “Good Christian Friends Rejoice..”  That is what I want to remember about my experience at Goodrich.  A church with many friends who spent time rejoicing God and celebrating God through our loving actions in the world.  It is still difficult for me to focus on those things and not remember all the unpleasantness of what happened there at Goodrich, but that song and that brief time there on Sunday morning reminded me of what God had brought into our lives and the ways in which he did bless us, and ways in which we honored him.  So, tonight I rejoice because of those Good Christian Friends


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