Who owns the stars?

Some things in life bother me.  That’s not exactly news, but that is one reason why I started a blog was to announce to the world these things that bother me.  One of them is the International Star Registry.  Basically for as low as $54 you can “name” a star.  So it makes a nice present for someone you love that one of the stars in the skies is dedicated to you.  I have heard this commercial a few times on the radio and I know some people who have either given or received stars.  My biggest question to them is who gave them the right to name the stars.  They fully acknowledge on their website that the scientific community will not recognize your name on the star.

On their FAQs another question is “Am I buying the star?”  Here is their answer, ” No. We do not own the star, so we cannot sell it to you.  This is like adopting the star. This star is associated with that special someone. It is something you can point at to know that there is something special out there for you.”  Adopting, are you kidding me,  Is that the same thing that you do when you adopt a kid?  I don’t think so. 

Isn’t this very human of us?  We feel that we can own this world.  We can control the skies and name the stars.  The galaxy is ours.  The International Star Registry is not what I want to think of when I look into the heavens.  I don’t want to think about the “satisfied customers include celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals worldwide.” I want to think about our God who created the heavens, whose love outshines the stars, who is more infinite then that galaxy, and who loves me. That is one of the times when I feel closest to God, when I look up and get lost in wonder, love, and praise.



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4 responses to “Who owns the stars?

  1. Well, crap. There goes my idea for your anniversary present.

  2. heathertiger15

    You might think about who you might be offending…

  3. Shannon

    Are you telling me I need to give back the Star I was going to get for you? I mean it had extra star sprinkles just for you.

  4. jhasty

    I think you need more rants. This post is the sole entry in this category, and it’s a promising category. But I like your blog, it’s inspiring me to think about writing more often. So keep up the good work.

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