Blogs I Read: Professional edition: Updated

I thought I would let you in on some of my favorite blogs that I check out on a fairly regular basis.  This is actually a two-part series (a first-time in my world of blogging).  Part 1 will deal with the “professional” blogs I read basically written by journalist or the like, and normally focused on a particular topic that I have an expressed interest in.   Part 2 will deal with my friends blogs that I like to read.  But on to the list.

 49ers blogs:

Instant 49ers Written by Matt Maiocco, probably the best 49ers blog out there.  Lots of great info and good insight.  He has been following the 49ers for a long time, so he knows the ins and outs of the organization.  He also posts a blog everyday including the weekends, so constantly updated with fresh information.

Sacramento Bee Written by Matt Barrows, is almost as good as Instant 49ers.  He gives a different slant to things, but you can tell he enjoys his work.  Also does a mailbag, which is nicely done.  Currently working through an in-depth analysis of the 49ers roster.

Niner Insider Written by Kevin Lynch is in a more awkward format than the other two, and I am newer to this blog, but still good and gives good insight.  Also provides pictures if you like that.

Other Blogs

Bible Belt Blogger Written by Frank Lockwood, the religion editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  He posts a variety of links and articles that deal around the subject of religion, especially Christianity, and especially around Arkansas.  He has followed Huckabee’s run for President with good insight on his Christian background.  He also has posted a lot about Asbury Seminary as they have been going through this leadership crisis.  While I may not always agree with what he has written or maybe his tone, it is people like him and his journalistic efforts that keep Asbury and other schools accountable to the public. 

Adam Hamilton Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City.  He is the Pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing UM churches in the world.  He is very Methodist in his theology and his goal of keeping Methodism in the center.  He is always thoughtful and often provoking.

Asbury Blog This is our own blog at the Seminary.  It has links to many personal blogs, and also has stories and updates from life on campus.  It is also the home of Dear Robbie and Real Life for Real Comic that is written by my friend Rob.  Entertaining and fun.

That’s What She Said Hosted by Matt Sommer, an English teacher, it is a great The Office related website.  I absolutely love the podcast that he has with episode recaps and other news.  He does a great job in breaking down the narratives and showing the arc of the characters as well.  Unfortunately, there is the strike, so TWSS has been put on hiatus for a while, but he still updates the site.  Also Office Tally gives you a great deal of Office related news as well.

Cubscast This is another blog that I first listened to through a podcast.  They don’t take themselves too seriously, and are in touch with what it means to be a Cubs fan and all the pain and agony that comes with it.


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