Blogs I Read: Personal Edition

Alright, now here is the second half of the blogs I read.  These are blogs of friends and family.  It is neat to read about their lives and how they look at the world.  It gives me a chance to communicate with them, when in my often busy life, I don’t get a chance to talk to them.  So without further ado: the blogs.

Heather Tiger My wife is the writer in the family.  She has a poetry book published Leave a Light OnShe has a great ability to articulate through the written word that often leaves me in wonder.  I was also her inspiration to start a blog, so that’s good to know that I can inspire her.  So check out her reflections on life and poetry as well.  I hope that she will inspire you like she inspires me.

Blake Huggins My friend from Oklahoma City University who is also going into the ministry.  I helped get him two jobs, and I think he even likes one of them.  He is very intelligent and into the emergent movement a great deal.  He updates his blog often both with serious and fun stuff.  Now if only I could convince him to come to Asbury.  His blog was one of the ones that inspired me to blog.

Callie Crews Heather’s cousin.  Callie is one of the youth director’s at FUMC in Tulsa.  She is also a world missionary traveler.  She has spent time in New Zealand and Ghana, and in fact just recently returned from a trip to Ghana, which you can read about on her blog.  Good stuff.

Carol Cooperis my youth director from Owasso. She is also a new mother, and so we get to journey through this online journal with her life as a new mother and as a youth director. She has been a big influence on my life, and I helped inspire this blog as well, so check out her blog.  Additionally, you should get to see pictures of Will on there sooner or later.

Brett Thomassonis my campus minister from OCU.  He is currently a pastor at two churches in Altus, OK.  He posts his sermons on his blog, and now has another blog for his non-sermons.  He was a journalism major, so he knows a thing or two about writing, and he has a MDIV and loves Jesus, so he knows a thing or two about God as well.  Flatlands Friar is his blog, a nice title in my mind.

Jordan Hasty is my cousin.  He is currently in India, going to school and just spending time living among the people with his friend Mitch.  He will post pictures and give us some updates.  I’d like to see him update it more.  (That’s a hint Jordan).  It’s great to be able to be connected with him even when he is half a world away.  One of the great benefits of the internet.

Keith Cooperis my friend from Owasso.  He is Carol’s husband, and just a great guy to know.  He too is a writer, and I am excited about reading his thoughts, once he gets them posted (We’re waiting for post numero uno).  He is a very thoughtful guy who has a wide variety of interests and talents, so I’m looking forward to reading him.  He is also an “inspired by Aaron” blogger.

Matt Franksis my friend from OCU.  He is expecting his first child, and it has been exciting to see the ultrasounds that he has posted.  He, too, posts on a variety of topics as well.  He is a MDIV student at Phillips there in Oklahoma, and we are going to be collegues for a long time in the future, so check out his blog, good stuff.

Shannon Blosser is my friend from Asbury.  He is from West Virgina and is a huge Mountaineer fan.  So everything you wanted to know about WVU, he will tell you, but he also writes about a wide range of topics and is very personal and open in his blog.  He was another one of the inspirations for me to blog.  So enjoy checking out his stuff. 

The Asbury Blogger’s Society is linked on the side of my blog, but my picture does not show up.  It is between my blogroll and my archives.  Anyways if you click on that it will take you to many Asbury bloggers, students, faculty, and alumni.  Basically a lot of smart, interesting people, so if you have a little bit of time, go blog surfing there.  In fact I just went there for this link and I found this blog by Adam Caldwell who I work with at Tastebuds and just went to India.  He and his wife are also expecting, so I’ll probably add this to my blog roll soon.

That is it.  I’m sure as I go along there will be more blogs to add, and I would encourage anyone who wants to start a blog to do so.  It is a great way to communicate and share what God is doing in your life, and I would love to add to the list of Aaron inspired bloggers.  Have a great day, and I pray that these blogs will uplift you as these people and these blogs have done for me.



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4 responses to “Blogs I Read: Personal Edition

  1. Shannon

    Wow, I’m an inspiration to you to blog. I think I’m scared now. Seriously, keep up the good work.

  2. “I helped get him two jobs, and I think he even likes one of them.”

    i literally laughed out loud at that line. but it’s true. and it’s helpful for me to remember. thanks for that. i’ve learned quite a bit about myself and ministry, through both of those jobs (yes, even the one i didn’t like).

  3. heathertiger15

    You know you inspire me, always, to be a better person…

    “It gives me a chance to communicate with them, when in my often busy life, I don’t get a chance to talk to them.”

    It’s good to know that we can communicate. I know it’s mean a lot that we can talk like this…!

  4. Gracias, el Tigre. I enjoy reading your stuff as well.

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