The Other side of the Internet

I was listening to the radio when Chris Rice’s song “The Other Side of the Radio” came on the air.  I have heard the song before, but today when I listened to it, it had a brand new message for me.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Here I am on the other side of the radio
Wondering why I’m here and why anybody cares what I say
No, I’m not a better man ’cause I’m singing my songs on the radio
‘Cause we’re all the same
At the end of the day

Now I imagine you on the other side of the radio
Doing your homework, or driving with your windows down on the freeway
I see you tapping the wheel, I see you bobbing your head to the radio
Oh, and it makes my day
To see that smile on your face
And in some small way
I remember my place

‘Cause it’s you and me singing the same song right now
And maybe this will bring us together somehow
And maybe there’s a million people all singing along
Somebody started thinking about the third line
And maybe someone’s saying a prayer for the first time
And that’s enough reason to keep me singing my songs
Singing my songs on the other side of the radio

For me, I see this as an opportunity to care and love people “On the Other side of the Internet.”  It has been exciting for me to read people’s comments or talk to people who have enjoyed a blog or just read how many people have read my blog, but it is also meaningful when people may have stumbled upon this blog through a random search and I will never know if I had an impact on their life, but I hope and pray for them on the other side of the internet.  So tonight, I just want to pray for you, because I believe our God works through the internet, and I believe God’s timeless natures will answer these prayers just as God answers all of our prayers.

Lord, I pray tonight for whoever is on the other side of the internet as they read this.  I pray that you, the Lord God Almighty would be a real presence in their life.  I pray that he or she would feel the assurance that comes from knowing you, and that he or she would be filled with your power and love to be a part of your Kingdom, your Holy Community on Earth as it is in Heaven.  This we ask in Jesus Christ, the great Redeemer of our faith.  Amen.


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