Senior Paper

When I was at OCU, we had to do a Senior Paper as a capstone project.  The paper itself was supposed to be about 25 pages.  It was a 3 hour class that consisted just of the process of the Senior Paper.  Earlier in my time at OCU, I got fascinated by John Wesley’s class meetings, and I wanted to look at their viability for the church today, so 30+ pages later, I had my answer.

However one of the unfortunate things about the Senior Paper is that I never got to share with it others.  We did not have a Senior Paper presentation, and most people are not too excited about picking up and reading a 30 page paper, but I thought that I would be it out here, and if anyone is interested in high-expectations churches and John Wesley’s class meetings, then I think my paper is a worthy read.  A side note is that it is an award-winning paper winning the award at OCU.  So without further ado: Senior Paper



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2 responses to “Senior Paper

  1. i’m interested to read this…not sure when i’ll have time, but it can’t sit on my desktop forever…..

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