Keeping Updated with March Madness

One of the worst things about March Madness is that it is not an official national holiday.  Most of us have to work, go to school, or go to church (it is holy week and all) during this most important of sporting events.  So, for those of you who do not have the luxury of being seated on the couch for about 40+ hours over the weekend for all the games, here are some tips to keep updated with the NCAA Tournament.First, if you are in an office or class or just have access to a computer go to March Madness on Demand.  Make sure you go before the tournament starts, so that you can get a VIP pass.  This pass will let you watch EVERY game on the internet live.  This is the best option if you have access to a computer that is fast enough to get live streaming.  You can also watch your favorite team in a far away place here if it is not on your local station.

Second, if you have access to a computer, but it is slower then go to CBS Sportsline.  Go to their NCAA scoreboard and you can follow the games with live scoring.  They update stats, fouls, and shooting percentages.  They often have a person glogging, which gives updates for why the stats are the way they are, like if someone gets hurt.  This is a good second option.

Third, for those of you with no access to a computer, at least part of the time, then try 4INFO.  This is a great service for your cell phone.  They will text you a message at the end of EVERY game, telling you the score of every game.  But that is not all, if a lower seed is ahead towards the end of the game, they will text you with an upset alert, giving you time to find a TV if something potentially historic is going on.  This is an exceptional service.

Those are the best ways to keep you updated if you are not able to follow the game from your couch all weekend.  Good luck with your brackets, if you need some tips for picking it see this.


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