Why I haven’t blogged in a while.

Well it has been a while since I’ve blogged.  It is not for lack of things to blog about, or a desire to blog, but more had to do with my lack of time.  I have noticed that I am not alone in this as I have checked out the blogosphere there has been a general reduction in blog writing from among my friends.  My biggest reason not to blog has been the last few weeks of school.  I had 22 assignments due over the last 4 weeks of school including an incredibly difficult finals week that included a 6 page paper on Monday, a final on Tuesday, a final on Wednesday, a 7 page paper on Thursday, a final on Thursday, and a project on Friday.  My only definition of it was “busiest finals week ever.”  Seriously, whenever I talked to people about what all I had due on finals week they were tired of hearing the word “and.”  But I am now done with my first year of seminary, with 27 of 96 hours completed!  Anyway here is a brief snippet of what I might have blogged about had I blogged instead of studied.

First, The Office Season finale was awesome.  They just did a brilliant job of keeping the drama of the season finale with comedic excellence.  The Kevin plot line was absolutely the funniest running gag of the season.  Additionally, I love the fact that they found Michael his perfect woman, but even in the midst of that they added the drama with Jan’s baby.  Here Michael’s heart his torn and he chooses the selfless act of being there for Jan.  That’s why we love you Michael because your heart is huge.  Here is hoping that Michael and Holly get together sometime next year and that we see Michael being a good, but awkard Dad.

I haven’t quite figured out the Cubs yet.  They are great at home and against the Pirates, but average on the road and against everyone else.  They need more consistency in their starting pitching and Soriano needs to trust himself in the outfield.  Oh yea, Jim Edmonds is washed up, let him go.

I have watched a few movies of late.  Make sure you go watch Prince Caspian.  It is excellent.  Also rent the Great Debators or even better buy it.  Great movie.  There Will Be Blood is just a strange movie.  Great acting and well done, but just kinda strange and angry.  Heather loved P.S. I Love You.  We both enjoyed Charlie Wilson’s War.  Underrated movie is August Rush.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but it was excellent- slightly unrealistic, but that’s why you go to the movies, right?  By the way I love redbox.

Speaking of Prince Caspian, I think I am going to make this my summer of C.S. Lewis.  I have started to read The Chronicles of Narnia and hope to continue to read through more of his books. 

Make sure you read here about our trip last Saturday to Midway to see a steam engine train.  (Uncle Irvin I thought you might enjoy this)  She tells it better than I can.  Pretty cool train in my opinion.

Heather and I finally used the grill that Dave bought us for our wedding.  Thanks Dave it made some excellent steaks, corn, and pineapple (though I did not have any of the pineapple)

Heather’s Mima and Wayne came in and stayed with us for a couple of evenings on their way to and from West Virgina.  It was good to spend time with family.  We are looking forward to more coming out.  My sister Amy and her husband Brian will be here in a couple of weeks and my parents are coming out at the end of June first of July.  And Heather’s folks are coming out sometime later in the summer as well.  We are looking forward to all of that.

I just got done reading through 1 Samuel (as you might have been able to tell from my blogs here and here).  After taking this Old Testament class this semester I have a much greater appreciation for the OT and look forward to reading it more and, well, better.

Heather and I watched the NBA playoffs.  We actually watched a few entire games between the Celtics and the Cavs.  That’s the first time I’ve watched an entire NBA game probably since ’98, but it was really enjoyable.  The NBA is finally back to being an enjoyable watchable sport.  It took it a while, but the skills are excellent and the stars are there, and so is the defense.

I am about to start my first Online class as I take United Methodist Polity beginning next week.  I’m looking forward to it.  I need to have it completed so that I can be commissioned next May at annual conference. 

Final thought has to be thank God Hebrew is over!!


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