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Who is God, but the Lord?

Every once in a while, a particular scripture will continually be brought to my mind, probably so that it will take root in my heart.  I don’t really have control of these thoughts.  I’ll be laying down for bed, and all the sudden there is the Word of God.  I’ll be watching ESPN, and all the sudden there is the Word of God.  I’ll be walking my dog, and, yea you get it, all the sudden there is the Word of God.  Here recently I have been reading the Old Testament starting with 1 Samuel and now I am in 2 Kings, but for the past few weeks 2 Samuel 22:32a has been on mind, “For who is God, but the Lord?”  That’s it.  Not a big long passage or one that is often said, but simply “For who is God, but the Lord?”  Which is a question that I think we all have to answer. Continue reading


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Peculiar Grace in an Ordinary World

This is one of those blogs that has been on my mind for a while.  It also will be an unfinished blog, but I want to throw out to the world what has been churning in my mind, so that maybe just maybe the world can help to refine it.  I don’t think this is a truly original idea.  I’m sure other people have thought it, taught it, and probably lived it, and if you know of that person or are the person who have done so: well I would love to listen and learn.  This is an idea about grace.  Grace is a popular topic among Christians.  We like to sing songs of grace: “Grace greater than All our Sins” and of course, “Amazing Grace.”  As Wesleyans we like to talk about Prevenient Grace, Justifying Grace, and Sanctifying Grace.  Countless books have been written on grace, yet there is continually more than we can learn about this thing called grace. Continue reading


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Rick Reilly Returns

I remember the first time one of his stories touched my soul: February 19, 2001. I was a junior in High School, and a huge Oklahoma St. basketball fan. By now, I had given up my dream of actually playing at Oklahoma State, but that only made me a bigger fan. This year was a difficult one to be a Cowboy fan, not because of their performance on the court, but because of the tragedy off of it. On January 27th, one of the planes carrying OSU players and staff crashed killing all 10 of the people on it 2 of whom were players. It was the essence of a tragedy. It was a heartbreaking for us fans, but only a tip of the iceberg for the grief that the families and the rest of the team were going through. It was an experience that is almost impossible to put into words, how do you respond to such a tragedy? Thankfully for us, Rick Reilly was on the plane. Continue reading

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