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The Liturgy of Our Lives

“It’s my money, and I need it now,” he screams while watching tv.  “It’s my money, and I want it now,” another man yells out his window  “It’s my money, and I want it now,” she says to the world out her balcony window.  No, this is not kids screaming for their allowance.  Not a trust fund baby, calling out for their weekly stipend.  This is normal looking adults needing their money immediately from their structured settlement in this late night commercial.  Apparently this is an acceptable behavior nowadays.

“We are a nation of consumers, and there is nothing wrong with that,” the women sweetly says at the beginning of the next credit card commercial.  I guess we are supposed to nod our heads and accept this statement.  Yea, we are consumers, and that’s good.  It is ok if we spend more than we make, if in some way we can be responsible spending more than we make.  Somewhere we stopped being stewards and started being consumers.

I could go Dave Ramsey on these commercials, and talk about the general absurdity of credit and get-rich-quick schemes, but he does it so well, so let’s go another direction.  What is the liturgy that shapes your life?  By liturgy, I do not mean simply a responsive readings or a public prayer in a worship service, but here I mean the words and phrases that shape our thought processes and our worship. Continue reading



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Aaron’s Random Thoughts: July 28, 2008

I think I may try to make this a semi-regular blog.  I often have thoughts that I would like to blog about, but do not have time or the energy to spend on a well-written blog.  Other times I just simply do not have enough to craft a full blog, so here are Aaron’s random thoughts for July 28, 2008.

I was wrong about Jim Edmonds.  He has been an important addition to the Cubs.  Now if they can just get Fukudome back to his April form.  Of course, what would a Cubs season be like without a trip to the DL by Kerry Wood.  Now the only problem is that he is sidelined by a blister.  A blister.  This is not quite Sosa going on the DL because of a sneeze, but maybe equal with Zambrano hurting his arms because of IMing his relatives in the Dominican Republic.  Oh the joys of being a Cubs fan. Continue reading


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The Joker and Satan

Heather and I, finally, went to see The Dark Knight last night.  I say finally like the movie has been out a while, while only at less than a week, but in comparison to the millions who watched the movie before me, it seemed like a while.  I was as excited about this movie has I had been about any movie in the past few years.  So it was with much anticipation and hype that we went to see Batman.  It was worth the wait and lived up to the hype.  Now if you had not seen the movie, please stop reading as this will contain some spoiler type information throughout.  I used to watch movies to simply be entertained, but here lately I’ve been watching movies and seeing their deeper themes and Christian illustrations.  This is a trait that all preachers should have, after all don’t we need great stories to tell the greatest story ever?  That’s a blog for another day, but today I want to look at the connection between Joker and Satan.  Find out more after the jump. Continue reading

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Please Return your Carts

I haven’t ranted in a while, so here we go.  Today on my way home from work, I stopped by our local Kroger to get some groceries.  I pull into the parking lot, and I see a space near the front ready for me to park, as I begin to pull in what do I see?  That’s right, a 3 foot grocery cart in the middle of full-size parking spot.  So, I pull around and see another spot, and what do I see?  Two 3-foot grocery carts in the middle of the parking spot.  Finally, I pull into another spot, but I am already fuming from the laziness of people.  Seriously, how hard is it to walk 10 to 30 feet to put up your cart. Continue reading


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Why People don’t like Christians

Let me say this, I believe that the recognition of our sinfulness is essential to our relationship with God.  It is imperative for us to see ourselves in relationship to a holy God.  This reflection on our own life lets us identify with Paul when he says, “For there is no distinction, since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  It is essential that we see that we are people in need of redemption in order to be restored in the image of God.

I have said all that, so I can say this: We do a good job of making others aware of their own sinfulness.  Maybe too good of a job. Continue reading

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Empowered to be Perfect

I am taking The Theology of John Wesley this week and thought that I would share this paper that I wrote on Christian perfection.  It was supposed to be a more personal reflection on it as well as an analysis of it, so here you go: enjoy.

                Our culture is fascinated with perfection.  We were captivated by the New England Patriots pursuit of perfection.  We thought their run was an incredible feat, and we found out just how hard perfection actually is to obtain.  Just the other night a baseball pitcher had a perfect game for 7 innings, but he could not finish it off, proving again just how hard perfection is to attain.  Some will do almost anything to have the “perfect” body.  One of the most frequent words that we see paired up with perfection is impossible.   One of our most repeated phrases is “Nobody’s perfect.”  All these add up to why there was such an adverse reaction to Wesley’s idea of Christian Perfection.  We just cannot get it around that somebody can be perfect especially in this life, especially as it relates to God, and even though Wesley made it clear what he meant by Christian perfection, it is obvious that many then (and now) are anchored on the word perfection that they cannot grasp the incredible doctrine that it contains. Continue reading

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My Great Uncle Irvin

We often lose sight of the person behind the camera.  When we look at pictures later, we might forget that they were there.  When we watch a home movie of ourselves as kids, doing something silly (like singing an incredibly long set of Beach Boys songs), we are focused on the same one that the camera sees, and not the person who kept us in focus.  For many, it might be easy to forget, but for my family, the man behind the camera is usually unforgettable: Uncle Irvin.

Uncle Irvin is what happens when you combine a farm boy and Maxwell Smart.  An incredible blend of down-home country charm and love, mixed with a love of gadgets, and topped off with a dob of goofiness.  Continue reading


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