Please Return your Carts

I haven’t ranted in a while, so here we go.  Today on my way home from work, I stopped by our local Kroger to get some groceries.  I pull into the parking lot, and I see a space near the front ready for me to park, as I begin to pull in what do I see?  That’s right, a 3 foot grocery cart in the middle of full-size parking spot.  So, I pull around and see another spot, and what do I see?  Two 3-foot grocery carts in the middle of the parking spot.  Finally, I pull into another spot, but I am already fuming from the laziness of people.  Seriously, how hard is it to walk 10 to 30 feet to put up your cart.

Oh, I forgot after you walk that far, you have to walk back to your car, I guess that makes it alright for you to think that your life is more important than anybody else’s, therefore it is alright for you to lazily leave your carts wherever you see fit.  Or maybe you just think that you are actually doing the Kroger employees a favor because if they did not have to go throughout the parking lot picking up carts, they might not have enough work for all their employees.  That is garbage and you know. 

I know that it is slightly inconvenientto walk the carts back, but it is also, um. I don’t know common decencyto return the carts to the numerous cart returns stations throughout the parking lot.  It’s not like you have to walk back to the inside of the store, but just a few spots over.  So, get over it and take the small walk and return your grocery cart.  Now, here are the occasions that it is ok not to return the cart.  1. If you get a call on your cell phone, and you have to go straight to the hospital.  2. If the cart-picker up guy tells you it is ok to leave the cart there because he will get it.  3. If you have a physical liability where every step is difficult. 
That’s it.  So, don’t be lazy and return your cart.  It is not that hard.



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5 responses to “Please Return your Carts

  1. Dean

    I once had the very same problem you describe in the parking lot of a Meijer store in Ohio. After having put up with it for a few visits in my frustration I emailed the customer relations department (some place in Michigan) saying that while I prefered their store to Walmart that I was concerned that they really didn’t care about my welfare or safety because of the cart issue. That was more than two years ago and to this day that store (as near as I can tell all of them) has become very diligent in clearing the carts from the lot.

    As for the inconsiderate, selfish, irresponsible, doofs who leave their carts for everyone else to deal with…may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.

  2. I remember my teenage days of pushing shopping carts at a Wal-Mart. I didn’t mind trekking far across the lot for lose carts. What I did mind was when people left dirty diapers in the carts from changing their babies in their cars.

  3. aarontiger

    @Dean- It is good to hear that they listened to your concerns. Also, I hadn’t quite thought of the fleas of thousand camels in the armpit, it sounds good to me.
    @John- I guess that is reason # 3589 why not to work at Walmart.

  4. Shannon

    Yesterday, I’m walking back to my truck at Wally World and what do I spot – a nice shopping cart. I doubt it was there when I arrived, but it was squarely inches from my front grill. Now, the sad thing is my parking space was at the front of the store and close to return bins.

    I don’t think it’s being lazy, so much as people are inconsiderate of others. People don’t have a concern if something happens to their neighbor, but if it happens to them call the President, call your congressman, call the Pope because it just ain’t right.

  5. Mark W.

    As I get in my car to leave the parking lot of a Kroger, the spot next to me is blocked by a shopping card. I can’t pull out because 2 women in a car are about to take that space. One of the women (the daughter?) gets out first to move the cart and she pushes it over to an empty spot, effectively blocking THAT parking place. I rolled down my window to gently say “You know, since you’re going into the store anyway, you could take that cart with you. The woman ignores me. Meanwhile, another car occupied by a man and a woman attempt to pull into the other space that was newly blocked. Similarly, the guy gets out of his car to nudge the cart out of the way where it blocks the spot I’m pulling out of. Again, I calmly tell the guy that rather than perpetuate the inconvenience, he could simply take the cart with him back to the store. The guy yells at me that he doesn’t need a cart and to mind my own business. I responded with “It’s just a matter of courtesy,” at which point BOTH the man and woman chime in with “Get out of here!” “It none your business”, “Don’t you got better thing to do?” (sic) and other choice phrases. At that point, the 2 women who were standing there got in the act, screaming epithets at me as if I were a mad man. Certainly, I could have opted not to say anything in the first place, but I honestly thought…or her perhaps hoped for civility and decency take afoot. That is, I expected at least someone to say “Sure, no problem, I’ll take the cart with me” or “Good idea” or something constructive. Instead, I faced the uglier aspects of human nature. So much for the Yuletide season.

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