Aaron’s Random Thoughts: July 28, 2008

I think I may try to make this a semi-regular blog.  I often have thoughts that I would like to blog about, but do not have time or the energy to spend on a well-written blog.  Other times I just simply do not have enough to craft a full blog, so here are Aaron’s random thoughts for July 28, 2008.

I was wrong about Jim Edmonds.  He has been an important addition to the Cubs.  Now if they can just get Fukudome back to his April form.  Of course, what would a Cubs season be like without a trip to the DL by Kerry Wood.  Now the only problem is that he is sidelined by a blister.  A blister.  This is not quite Sosa going on the DL because of a sneeze, but maybe equal with Zambrano hurting his arms because of IMing his relatives in the Dominican Republic.  Oh the joys of being a Cubs fan.

I’ve been reading John Wesley a lot of late.  I’ve come to appreciate his theology and his method.  It is very straightforward, organized, and passionate.  Exactly what you would expect from Wesley.  I have to read it because of a class, but I am actually enjoying it.

I have a new addiction: Oyster Crackers.  At least, they are healthier than candy, I guess.  But continually eating them for 30 minutes a couple times a week can’t be healthy, can it?

Heather and I have been watching the Next Food Network Star.  I have actually enjoyed it and glad to see Aaron win, not just because we share the same name, but because I actually might watch his show, and maybe but doubtfully cook one of his meals.  After working at Tastebuds for the past year and just cooking more in the past year, I am enjoying the kitchen more and more.  But continuing to dislike doing dishes more and more.

The Holy Spirit keeps creeping up in my different classes, readings, and conversations.  I don’t think we know about the Holy Spirit very well, and I think I need to learn and experience God as the Holy Spirit more often. 

I have been memorizing scripture of late.  So far I have memorized Jesus as the True Vine passage and the Shema, and I am working on the Sermon on the Mount.  It has been great to have the Word of God truly reside in my heart.  I heartily recommend the practice.

I like Tyler Perry’s movies.  Sometimes he goes a little over the top w/ his characters, but he always tells a good story that has a point, and you know how I am a sucker for movies with points.  Plus he likes to talk about Jesus.



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2 responses to “Aaron’s Random Thoughts: July 28, 2008

  1. jhasty

    This is a good post. I especially like the use of transitional words and phrases between paragraphs. It’s nice to see you rebel against having to create a post that is self-sufficient. This encourages me to write. Every day is one day closer to my next post.

  2. aarontiger

    Jordan I check your blog a couple times a week, just in case, so now that I know you are a day closer to writing will let me check it more frequently. Also, I am proud of my transitions.

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