Awakening from my Strep Throat Slumber

I got that little feeling in my throat on Friday afternoon.  A dull pain when I swallowed.  Not good, I thought, so when I went to the store that night, I got myself some medicine: Sprite, and just hoped it was a quick summer cold.  I went to bed early that next day, sweated & chilled through the night and woke up feeling beat down.  Now, I am not a guy who goes to the doctor.  I haven’t been to the doctor since we’ve lived in Kentucky.  But I call Heather at work, and she says, “Wow, I know you must not be feeling well if you are initiating a trip to the doctor.”  This began my 3 hour adventure to 3 doctors offices.I went, rather miserably, to an Urgent care place in Nicholasville, where we live.  Filled out the paperwork, sat down, and I was the next one in line when this word came down, the fire department is on its way, we are going to have to evacuate.  Apparently they had an electrical fire.  Fire department came, I go in my car and rest rather pathetically lounging in my driver’s seat.  After about 20 minutes nice nurse came by window and suggested I go to their Lexington branch b/c they don’t know how long it will be.  So, I leave doctor office number 1.

Before going to Lexington, I try another Nicholasville urgent place, but they don’t take my insurance and I don’t want to spend $200, so I leave doctor’s office number 2.

I drive rather weakly, and I arrive to doctor’s office number 3 looking the most pathetic in a pathetic looking full waiting room.  1 1/2 to 2 hours, I’m told will be how long I will wait.  I try to sit in the unbearable chairs of the waiting room.  (Side note, could there be a more depressing place than a waiting room, a bunch of miserable strangers, not talking to one another, with the ever encouraging CNN being the soundtrack, while we continually grow more impatient and miserable, with our only hope that the next door that opens will be someone in scrubs calling our name taking us into an unknown place, but most of the time those scrubs only mock us with another name, or are people walking out freely.)  So, I left the waiting room, and waiting in my slightly more comfortable car, nothing would have been fully comfortable, for the next 45 minutes.  When I arrived back in the waiting room, thankfully it was just a few minutes, and the man in scrubs called my name, and I stumbled through the door and into the waiting room.  As I was speaking to the nurse and he was doing the regular checks, strep throat seemed like a possibility, so he came in to take a strep swab, and me and my light gag reflex, and queasy stomach (if this is you skip next sentence) were not going to have any of that, and I proceeded to throw up a bit on him, but mostly in a trash can. 

The doc came in and, for some reason, seemed to be rather jumpy around me as he looked at my throat, and said, “yep you have strep,” as if I won an award.  I, of course, had won no award, but a much-anticipated trip to Sims Pharmacy to receive some needed drugs.  So, I left doctor’s office number 3, and actually already felt better thanks to my nurse friend who induced my vomiting.

After, I got my drugs I went home took them and went to bed.  This was about 3:00 on Saturday afternoon.  From then until 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, I was falling asleep or asleep for basically 24 out of 27 hours!  That is incredible to me.  I would wake up, take medicine, kinda check in with the world, and 30 minutes later, go back to sleep.  Weird day.  I was awake for 4 hours on Sunday night, and I ate chicken noodle soup of course, and then went back to bed for my class Monday morning.

That’s right, I had a week long intensive class this week.  That first day, I made it from 8:00-2:00, and then went home took a 4 hour nap, was up for a couple more, and then went back to bed.  It was not until Wed. that I finally began to awake from my Strep Throat Slumber.  I came home that afternoon and felt almost normal.  It was refreshing.  This sickness wiped me out, put me in a fog for 5 days, but now I am coming to, and I am thankful for my good health.  I am thankful for drugs that heal.  I am thankful for my wife who takes care of me.  I am thankful for a comfortable bed.  I am thankful for Brett Favre for giving me something interesting to follow.  (I love my wife, she woke me up last night and told me Brett Favre was traded to the Jets.  That’s awesome!)  I am thankful for all the little normal things of life that you ignore because you are sick.  I am thankful that I am a mostly healthy guy.  I also am called to pray for those who are not well, who continually struggle with sickness.  These folks need our love, our prayers, and our God.  Let’s remember them today and everyday.


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  1. Mama Tiger

    I felt your pain and prayed for you! You didn’t sleep much as a child when you were sick! I would like to hear a blog from Heather to get her take on the week! Sounds like she was a good nurse!

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