Aaron’s Random Thoughts for August 11, 2008

Time for another round of random thoughts.

USA’s 4X100 freestyle gold medal winning performance was one of the more exciting 4 minutes of sports that I have watched in a long time.  It had everything you could want in sports.  Great enemy, check.  Superstar, check.  Comeback, check.  Unknown star, check.  Championship, check.  I’d love to see Phelps get 8 golds.  By the way he is younger than me.

Heather is enjoying her job.  I’ve been a proud husband watching her enjoy her job and excel at it.

I’ve started to read Romans, so be prepared for some posts on Paul’s letter coming up in the blog. 

Mike Nolan if you are reading this, if you are going to have a QB competition make it a fair one.  When you start one QB four days in a row in practice, acknowledge that he is the leader, and don’t lie to us and tell us that you are rotating your QBs.  Additionally, my vote is for Alex Smith.  I think he is the best athlete that the 49ers have, and since this is his fourth Offensive Coordinator in four seasons, maybe he can finally feel at home with Martz’s system.

The Cubs are playing well.  Edmonds has been an incredible pick up for the Cubbies.  It sounds like they are well on their way to the playoffs, and once they get there they have the pieces to win a championship.  “It’s going to happen.”

I have enjoyed reading Richard Foster’s book Prayer.  It has been meaningful and is opening up my prayer life.  I still believe that prayer is one of those things that can only grow and expand the more we participate in it.  It’s also refreshing to learn different ways of praying.  So often we get stuck in one way to pray, but Foster does a great job of teaching multiple ways to pray.

I’m very excited about football.  I feel much more optimistic about Oklahoma St. than I do the 49ers.  From what it sounds like, OSU’s depth is greatly improved especially on defense, hopefully that will translate into Wins.


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