Aaronpedia Entry No. 1

So, I’ve been doing these random thoughts, and I hope you have enjoyed them.  After some thought, I have decided to move from random thoughts to a new page called Aaronpedia

Aaronpedia is my personal encyclopedia for my thoughts.  My friend, Chris Symes, gave me the idea, and so I will post my own thoughts on different topics, first on my blog and then transfer them here to Aaronpedia, if there is anything that you want to know my thoughts about just post them on the comment section, and I will get to them as soon as I can.  Enjoy!

Phelps, Michael is an amazing athletic phenomenon most known for his 8 Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Olympic games, but his most incredible feat is his pre-race condor stretch that shows off his incredible wingspan.  Also, he helped make NBC millions and millions of dollars, while getting a million from Speedo for winning so many golds.  Additionally, he kept me up at night for a week straight.

San Francisco 49ers are my favorite football team and have been my entire life.  The first football game I remember watching was when the 49ers beat the Broncos 55-10 in the Super Bowl.  Favorite 49ers player is Jerry Rice.  Currently, I am unsure how to feel about the Niners chances in 2008.  I feel confident about 75% of their team.  However, the 25% that I do not feel confident about include the starting QB and the Head Coach.  Those are kinda important positions on a football team.

Jesus Christ is the most important person who has ever lived.  He is not only my personal savior, but the savior of the world.  He challenges us to live a radically different life centered not on ourselves, but on God and others.  The love that he exhibited should transform us, inspire us, and challenge us to be like Him and share that light with others.

Beau is our dog.  He is an American Eskimo, a white fluffy ball of fur.  He can give high-fives, dance, and enjoys playing hide and seek.  He, also, greatly enjoys barking his head off when anybody beside Heather and I come into the house, but we love him. 

Tiger, Heather is my wife who I love very much.  She is an incredible person, who has shown me much love and grace in our relationship thus far.  She enjoys our walks with Beau, Air-1, movies, Lost, time with friends and family, Tulsa, and me. One of her greatest traits is her ability to share a residence with me and put up with my piles of stuff, ocassional snoring, and other subtly annoying traits that you only really notice once you have been around a person for a while.  I guess you could say that her greatest trait is her love.   

Asbury Seminary is my graduate school that I attend.  It is located in Wilmore, KY, a Mayberry-type community just outside of Lexington, KY.  The strength of the school is the integration of spiritual formation into everything.  I have been challenged and have grown a ton in my time here.  Because of Asbury, I will be a better disciple and a much better Pastor.


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