Fantasy Football Draft Running Blog

Alright, I’ve never done a running blog before, but I thought I would do it for our fantasy football draft in the Central State Football League. It is a 10 team league of basically people who are friends of Keith Cooper. This is our 4th year in the league. Yours truly has yet to win, and was 9th place last year, which means I get the 2nd pick in the draft!
8:35-Arrived in draft room first, man I’m a dork. Only 40 minutes to draft time.
8:40-Joined in draft room by the Bug Eaters (I mean BUG EATERS, only team in All Caps). I’m a big fan of this name basically because well I’m not a big fan of Bugs. They are coached by Josh McBroom of Neosho, MO who roomed with Keith for a couple of years in college.
8:48- Making small talk about keepers with the Bug Eaters. We start a QB, 2 RBs, 3 WR, TE, Def, and Kicker in this league for those who are curious.
8:52- I notice the Rinky Dinks are in the room, but no interaction yet with the Taud and Buffy Boatman, associate pastor at the Owasso Church, probably in a meeting and didn’t want to miss anything, let you know when they start chatting.
8:56- Found out that Taud is swimming instead of attending the fantasy football draft, his wife Buffy is there in his place. Too many jokes, must move on, quickly.

8:57- I’ve updated my draft board for the first round, I’m taking either Ryan Grant or Maurice Jones-Drew depending on what happens with the first pick.
8:59- Crunk’N Fresh and Alanstown Blues have arrived. Crunk-N-Fresh is coached by John Engle of Tulsa, OK. He worked with Keith at Barnes and Noble, known as Rambis for his awesome goggles during the bball days. Alanstown is Keith’s team. He is the commish and the reason for this league.
9:04- getting down to crunch time- 10 minutes to go. Missing 4 of the owners who are scheduled to appear tonight, Wizards won’t be here tonight. The Wizards of Windsor are owned by Mike Kerr of Windsor, CO, lived next door to Keith in college
9:06- mini-crisis as we don’t know how the new draft system works. Stay tuned if this becomes an issue. Can’t see where we might have access to view our team in the actual draft, kinda important wouldn’t want to draft like 3 kickers.
9:07- Talking about baseball prior to the Fantasy football draft, gotta love it when the Cubs are 31 games over .500. Go Cubs Go.
9:09- My dad, Bull Riders owner Chris Tiger, pastor of Keith, told me that he was in charge of a meeting that he hoped to end at 9:00, that gave him 15 minutes to get home and log on to the draft, hope he makes it.
9:11- My dad just called and was basically in the room and called to make sure that he was doing everything right. He has made great strides with technology in the past 4 years, I’m so proud of him.
9:140 No Fighting Oysters owned by Scott Bruener players in the praise band with Keith, and no Mile-High Maniacs defending champs, owned by Ed Kirby, who coaches basketball with Keith as the draft is less then 30 seconds away, looks like auto draft for them too.
9:15- Draft begins and we get to see our rosters and everything else that Keith was wondering about early. We get a 1 ½ minutes to draft.
9:15 Steve Smith is the first pick, I draft Ryan Grant with the 2nd pick giving me 3 RBs already, and I can only play 2, somebody is sitting on the bench.
9:16- First shocker of the draft Dallas Clark already off the board by the Green Monsters owned by Kent Kanauss of somewhere in Illinois, former praise team director of Keith, probably 3 rounds to early in my opinion, but what can you do.
9:17- A run of 5 straight RBs and counting got to love it. RBs win in Fantasy Football
9:18- gotta love homer picks- Bug Eaters, wait I mean BUG EATERS, pick Larry Johnson and Alanstown pick Greg Jennings.
9:20- 3 of the last picks have been defenses, pretty early for them I think, but it leaves some good wideouts for me!
9:21- My dad selects Darren McFadden, nice pick in my opinion, if he would have fallen to me, I would have been tempted to draft him. Since this is a Keeper league, those young studs could be great picks. The Rinky Dinks stole Adrian Peterson last year.
9:22- Calvin Johnson returns to the Fuzzy Bears!!!
9:22- Oysters take the 2 WRs on the top of my list, dang it as he took Boldin and Chad Johnson.
9:23- 5 straight Wideouts taken including my 2 of Calvin Johnson and Chris Chambers.
9:24- Rinky Dinks who have Tom Brady, of 104 consecutive starts or so, take Derrick Anderson.
9:25- Somebody pick Willie Parker, why is he still on the board?
9:25- The homer picks continue with Favre going to Alanstown, and Cutler and Young going to the Mile-High Maniacs, and then Keith picks Green Bay’s Defense. But they were first and second last year in our league, so maybe there is something to it.
9:27- Solid picks of TEs Gonzalez and Shockey here in the 8th round by Rinky Dinks and Bug Eaters, BUG EATERS.
9:28- dilemma do I pick Willie Parker as my 4th RB or pick my TE or WR, I went with my homer pick of Vernon Davis, if Parker is around at my next pick he is mine… and sure enough, he’s mine.
9:32- BUG EATERS, got it right this time, picked Nick Folk and I had to look him up to see who he was, kicker for the Cowboys
9:33- this exchange on the chat board-
BUG EATERS: keith, fred taylor is still on the board
Alanstown Blues: wait until Ed drafts
Alanstown Blues has selected Fred Taylor
Alanstown Blues: You know how I love those Gators
Trying to throw us off Keith. We’ll remember that next year.
9:35- Taud is back from the pool, just in time to get all the great sleepers of the draft.
9:37- obligatory mention of Gundy’s rant just occurred. I think it has a permanent shelf-life.
9:40- trying to figure out where did all the wideouts go?
9:42- Watching Quantem Leap in the background. I bet you have missed that show. Is kinda weird seeing that one guy in a dress? Also, Holly from the Office is on the show for this episode. She is perfect for Michael Scott.
9:43- BUG EATERS select Rashad Menndenhall, a great pickup this late in the draft
9:44- Keith takes his sweet time in making his pick and I appreciate it, so that I can catch up on my writing. Thanks Keith.
9:45- I just checked out the rosters, look like the early favorites are the BUG EATERS and Rinky Dinks with the best starting rosters. Just a quick glance though. (Ed. Notes, looking back have to say that Alanstown, Maniacs, and Bull Riders have the best rosters not named the Fuzzy Bears)
9:47- As I am on the clock this exchange goes down on the chat room
Rinky Dinks: Who does Michael Phelps play for
Crunk’n Fresh: Dolphins?
Rinky Dinks: good call
9:48- Wizards select their 2nd kicker Shayne Graham.
9:51- BUG EATERS select William Franklin, 10 pts. If you can tell me what team he plays for.
9:51- You can tell we are getting to the end of the draft with this lovely exchange.
Rinky Dinks: so what’s up with “Fuzzy Bears?”
Fuzzy Bears: Youth trip a couple years ago, one of our adults named the two vans, my van was the Fuzzy Bears other van was the Dart Frogs
Rinky Dinks: You gotta come up with a better story
BUG EATERS: fart drogs would be cool
Rinky Dinks: LOL
Crunk’n Fresh: Heh heh.
9:55- My sleeper of the draft and my final pick WR Josh Morgan San Francisco 49ers!!!!
9:57- a few kickers right in a row at the end of the draft, just like it should be, unless you already have 2 kickers like the Wizards and then there is no reason to draft Ryan Longwell as your 3rd kicker! Somebody’s up past their bed time.
9:58- Final pick is Chris Perry by the defending champs Mile-High Maniacs
9:59- draft is over, but we can chat for a few more minutes thanks to Yahoo’s improvements last year we were just immediately kicked out and done chatting. 44 minute draft pretty quick in my book.
10:00 seems to be some love for the Minnesota defense who Crunk-N Fresh took in our 2nd round. The Bears defense carried the Green Monsters a few years ago, could it work for Crunk-n-fresh?
10:03, talking about a traveling trophy for the winner, how awesome would that be?
10:05- trophy talked turned to the Dundies, reminded me that it is Tuesday night, got to turn to the Office on TBS.
10:10- having to do research to get all the information for this blog, like where people live and such.
10:13-Draft room is closed and so is this blog, good night.



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6 responses to “Fantasy Football Draft Running Blog

  1. John Engle

    Nice work, Aaron! You’ve made a dream of mine come true–I just Googled myself and found a result for the first time ever!

  2. Amy Givens

    Who do the Fuzzy Bears belong to?

  3. aarontiger

    The Fuzzy Bears belong to me.

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  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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