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Quantum Leap into the Bible

One of my favorite old-school TV shows is Quantum Leap.  In fact, just recently I noticed that the replays are being shown on the sci-fi network and I confess that I have flipped there a time or two just to watch.  (Last time I flipped there I saw Holly from The Office in her younger days. The Office returns!!!)  Anyways, the basic point of the show is that this scientist Sam would “leap” into various people during critical times in their lives.  He would inhabit that body (male/female made no difference) and experience their life in the given situation and help them through some sort of situation.  His friend Al would visit him and give him a few background info and try to help Sam determine what the purpose of his “visit” would be.  Sam would eventually save the day and “leap” into a new person.  Got it?  I hope so.  Continue reading


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Adventures in watching an OU game

So, OU was playing Cincinnati this past Saturday.  We live just outside of Lexington, KY, a mere 90 miles or so drive from the heart of Cincinnati.  We had invited some of our friends over to enjoy the OU game and just have some good time to fellowship.  (Full disclosure, I’m an Oklahoma St. fan, so I wasn’t as personally invested in this game as say my wife.)  The game was on ABC, and I assumed that we would get the game at our house.  After all, we are only 90 miles away from Cincinnati.  So, Sat. morning I woke up and checked the television schedule and were we getting the OU/Cincy game?  No, we were getting the Wake Forest (some 360ish miles) vs. Ole Miss (some 400ish miles) instead.  Now, I understand we are in SEC country and that turned out to be a heck of a game, but we are 90 miles from Cincinnati, playing their biggest non-conference game in their recent memory, against a top 5 team!  Needless to say, I was a little miffed, after all people were coming over.  So, I talked it over with Heather and our friends and we decided to pay the 21 bucks and buy it on pay-per-view.  I called a number in the Dish Network/Windstream world talked to a nice lady, who told me that I was all set to go for 3:30 this afternoon, and that I should just turn it on at 3:30 and it will work.  Sounded good and easy.  Too easy I was sure of it, so I asked for a phone number so that I can directly talk to somebody if/when trouble arises.  So, 3:30 came around and you guessed it no game… Continue reading


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Aaronpedia Entry #3

Little-Go-Daddy- was my personal nickname for my first car, a 1993 red Honda Civic.  LGD for short, it was the little car that could.  Two things stand out about the LGD.  It was a standard, a feature I miss a great deal on my current Civic.  Secondly it was the home of Steve.  Steve was a 49ers slinky head that bounced around my dashboard.  (Named in honor of Steve Young because he had a painful look on his face) Everybody loved him except for Heather, who gave him a concussion that ended his dashboard career.  I have since forgiven her.

Completly Automated Bathroom– For the longest time, I have had a dream of the completed automated bathroom, with the quadfetica of automatic toilet, sink, soap, and paper towels/hand dryer.  I had this happen for the first time at the Lexington Airport on our recent trip home.  This made me happy. Continue reading


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Surrounded by the Word: The Asbury Reader

One of the reasons I love Asbury Seminary is their emphasis on the spiritual life led by J.D. Walt. Every semester, we have an Asbury Reader, where all those connected with the seminary are invited to read the same scriptures and journey together in this pursuit. Why read together, J.D. gives us a great word for this time that we live in including using twitter, you can subscribe to what we are calling twiturgy, where scriptures will be sent to your phone throughout the traditional hours of the day. I commend this practice to all of you rather or not you are connected with Asbury or not. Finally I give you these words from J.D. about the practice of how reading together can work in our current times.

Read Together. Why not everyone just be a law unto themselves as relates to reading Scripture? (i.e. wherever the Spirit leads). The richest reading happens on the way called together. So let us write these words on flash cards and hide them in our hearts together. Let’s twitter about this word when we get up and when we lie down and let’s talk about it when we walk along the road together. Let’s bind this word to our wrists and text it to one another in the library. Let us fix it on our laptops as screen savers, sketch it on the walls like graffiti and sing pray and preach about it in Chapel. In this fashion the Word day by day shapes our community and by the power of the Spirit becomes enfleshed in the streets. In the celebrated book, Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, …how inexhaustible are the riches that open up for those who by God’s will are privileged to live in daily fellowship of life with other Christians!

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That’s What Jesus Said

A few posts back, I blogged about the liturgy of our lives.  If you want to know what it is about, you should read it, but here is the main point of that blog: we need to be aware what the liturgy-those words and phrases that sublimely and intentional dictate our thought processes.  This liturgy is formed through a number of avenues: our conversations, our music, what we read, and the influence of the media to name a few.  Today, I want to talk about a special example that I have noticed in my own life. Continue reading

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