That’s What Jesus Said

A few posts back, I blogged about the liturgy of our lives.  If you want to know what it is about, you should read it, but here is the main point of that blog: we need to be aware what the liturgy-those words and phrases that sublimely and intentional dictate our thought processes.  This liturgy is formed through a number of avenues: our conversations, our music, what we read, and the influence of the media to name a few.  Today, I want to talk about a special example that I have noticed in my own life.I love The Office.  I am not ashamed to love The Office.  It is funny and redeemable.  At the same time, I know that The Office is not, oh what’s the word, holy.  There are things in that show that have literally changed the way I think.  Michael Scott’s favorite joke is the phrase, “That’s What She Said,” which he uses (or tries to use) in replies to normal phrases said in normal conversations that could have a sexual meaning.  This phrase has spread like wildfire across fans of The Office especially at seminary.  Because of this and a few other things, I now have the answer to the question of where do pastors learn all their dirty jokes: seminary. 

I must say I got caught up in the joke, and that it became a refrain in my life.  It was a ready response to almost any situation.  During our trip home, there was a few situations that caused me to question whether that should be a refrain in my life, and I must say that it has become to strong of a thought in my life.  Now, I’m not saying that all sexual humor is bad, because it’s not.  In the proper contexts, this joke and others like it can be appropriate, but when it becomes a “tip of the tongue” expression, then we have gone to far.

This, however, got me thinking about a new refrain for our lives in the same spirit of Michael Scott’s favorite joke.  “That’s what Jesus said.”  Now, before you write this off as goofy, idealist seminary boy.  Think of the holy humor opportunities that you could use this refrain on.  A woman shopping in a store looking at a purses says, “I love this one.”  You reply, “That’s what Jesus said.”  A few guys are gathered around talking about sports and one says about their favorite team, “I just want them succeed.”  “That’s what Jesus said.”  A family is sitting around the dinner table and a young boy says, “I like ’em when they are salty.”  “That’s what Jesus said.”

I think that this would empower us to look at the world more like Jesus sees the world.  Because as we think along these lines, we notice not just what Jesus might say, but we will become more like Jesus.  We will see our neighbor not as a bad mother, but as a broken mother.  This is our calling, to see the world not through our own eyes, but through the eyes of our Savior, who does not see like we do from the outside-in, but God sees the heart, from the inside-out.  Maybe “That’s what Jesus said,” is just the starting point for us to truly say to others what Jesus is saying to them now.


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  1. Heather Tiger

    I think I need to file a complaint! This was so my phrase, and I get no credit?! I should at least get royalties on the reads… Love you!

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