Surrounded by the Word: The Asbury Reader

One of the reasons I love Asbury Seminary is their emphasis on the spiritual life led by J.D. Walt. Every semester, we have an Asbury Reader, where all those connected with the seminary are invited to read the same scriptures and journey together in this pursuit. Why read together, J.D. gives us a great word for this time that we live in including using twitter, you can subscribe to what we are calling twiturgy, where scriptures will be sent to your phone throughout the traditional hours of the day. I commend this practice to all of you rather or not you are connected with Asbury or not. Finally I give you these words from J.D. about the practice of how reading together can work in our current times.

Read Together. Why not everyone just be a law unto themselves as relates to reading Scripture? (i.e. wherever the Spirit leads). The richest reading happens on the way called together. So let us write these words on flash cards and hide them in our hearts together. Let’s twitter about this word when we get up and when we lie down and let’s talk about it when we walk along the road together. Let’s bind this word to our wrists and text it to one another in the library. Let us fix it on our laptops as screen savers, sketch it on the walls like graffiti and sing pray and preach about it in Chapel. In this fashion the Word day by day shapes our community and by the power of the Spirit becomes enfleshed in the streets. In the celebrated book, Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, …how inexhaustible are the riches that open up for those who by God’s will are privileged to live in daily fellowship of life with other Christians!


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