Aaronpedia Entry #3

Little-Go-Daddy- was my personal nickname for my first car, a 1993 red Honda Civic.  LGD for short, it was the little car that could.  Two things stand out about the LGD.  It was a standard, a feature I miss a great deal on my current Civic.  Secondly it was the home of Steve.  Steve was a 49ers slinky head that bounced around my dashboard.  (Named in honor of Steve Young because he had a painful look on his face) Everybody loved him except for Heather, who gave him a concussion that ended his dashboard career.  I have since forgiven her.

Completly Automated Bathroom– For the longest time, I have had a dream of the completed automated bathroom, with the quadfetica of automatic toilet, sink, soap, and paper towels/hand dryer.  I had this happen for the first time at the Lexington Airport on our recent trip home.  This made me happy.

Bryant, Dez is an Oklahoma State WR who might just be the most athletically talented WR in the country.  He has great size, incredible hands, but also has such great quickness that he is the Cowboys Punt Returner.  As the next few seasons progress, he will become a household name.

CBS Sportsline Gameday is the best place to watch a Sunday NFL game, if you can’t get it on television.  I have spent many a Sunday afternoon on this watching the 49ers helmet go backwards, while their opponents helmet move to the endzone.  It keeps you updated with every live stat you could want.



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2 responses to “Aaronpedia Entry #3

  1. I’m curious. Did Steve face inward thereby blessing you or outward thereby blessing the other occupants of the highway?

  2. aarontiger

    I selfishly received the blessings of Steve.

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