Adventures in watching an OU game

So, OU was playing Cincinnati this past Saturday.  We live just outside of Lexington, KY, a mere 90 miles or so drive from the heart of Cincinnati.  We had invited some of our friends over to enjoy the OU game and just have some good time to fellowship.  (Full disclosure, I’m an Oklahoma St. fan, so I wasn’t as personally invested in this game as say my wife.)  The game was on ABC, and I assumed that we would get the game at our house.  After all, we are only 90 miles away from Cincinnati.  So, Sat. morning I woke up and checked the television schedule and were we getting the OU/Cincy game?  No, we were getting the Wake Forest (some 360ish miles) vs. Ole Miss (some 400ish miles) instead.  Now, I understand we are in SEC country and that turned out to be a heck of a game, but we are 90 miles from Cincinnati, playing their biggest non-conference game in their recent memory, against a top 5 team!  Needless to say, I was a little miffed, after all people were coming over.  So, I talked it over with Heather and our friends and we decided to pay the 21 bucks and buy it on pay-per-view.  I called a number in the Dish Network/Windstream world talked to a nice lady, who told me that I was all set to go for 3:30 this afternoon, and that I should just turn it on at 3:30 and it will work.  Sounded good and easy.  Too easy I was sure of it, so I asked for a phone number so that I can directly talk to somebody if/when trouble arises.  So, 3:30 came around and you guessed it no game…So I called the number she gave me.  She said I would have to press 6 to talk to a real person, she was as wrong about that as she was about just turning to the channel and the game will be on.  An automated person comes on and I ask for technical assistance and after waiting about 5 minutes on hold I get a new lady on the phone.  (Opening Kickoff)  So, I give the lady our phone number, tell her who I am, and what the situation is.  She says no pay-per-view has been purchased.  I sigh.  She asks what I would like to buy, so I tell her that the game is on right now and I tell her what channel it is on.  She says she can’t find it!!!  I told you exactly what channel the game was on, so she asks me to spell it, so I spell it aloud to her as I read it on the screen, you know O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma.  She says that the game is not on.  I go Gundy on her, “That’s not true.”  She continues to look (TD Oklahoma), and tells me the game is on at midnight on channel 237.  That may be true, but that’s not what I’m looking for.  At this point in time, I ask for a manager because she is obviously clueless.  We continue on this dance of her not knowing how to help me for about 5 more minutes, until finally she decides to transfer me to some other person in the Dish Network/Windstream universe. 

I am frustrated at this point in time.  There are people over at our house ready to watch the game, and it’s not on, and I’ve wasted 20 minutes so far waiting and then talking to a person who could not help me.  So, a new guy gets on the phone.  When I get on the phone I warn him, “I just talked to some lady who did not know what she was doing, so I’m already frustrated I’m sorry if I get upset with you.”  I think that got his attention.  So, I told him what I was looking for and what channel it was on, and (wait for it) he was able to find it.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  (TD OU 14-0)  A couple minutes later, he told me to flip away from it and then back to it, and bam there was Norman, OK, and a cheer rose up in Nicholasville, KY.  We finally got the game.  My final words to the man on the phone were this, “What’s your name.”  He answers, “Brian.”  I tell him, “I’m going to call and complain, but not about you.”  With that I hung up and enjoyed some football.

Wed. morning I called to complain.  I called the number that lady no. 1 gave me.  I talked to someone for a few minutes, before it was determined that she was not helpful, so I had to be transferred to someone else in the Dish Network/Windstream universe.  I told this lady my story.  Complained about getting lost in the Dish Network/Windstream universe.  The 2 incomptent people I talked to, I didn’t complain to her about why we didn’t get that game in the first place, didn’t think she would care about that.  She asked what I want, I said I wanted that game free, she said 10 dollars off.  I took it.  She then told me that I had purchased a package of games for that weekend, would have like to have known that before the weekend ended.  So that’s my rant.



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3 responses to “Adventures in watching an OU game

  1. Heather Tiger

    The Sooners are so awesome that even the spirit of Gundy shows up where they are concerned! Nice rant, and thank you again for getting me the game! Love you!

  2. Shannon

    $10 off. That’s like when I got kicked off three rides on my Honeymoon to my ex-wife. I went to the park and said I’m not coming back. They said here is 50 percent off your next trip.

    Customer service, got to love it.

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