Our New Head Coach: Mike Singletary

I like Mike.  Singletary that is.  I had like all 49ers fans had seen enough of the Mike Nolan era to realize he was not the man to lead us back to the Super Bowl.  I used to be a Nolan apologist, and with some good reason.  He had moved the 49ers back to a professional organization that they had lost during the Erickson or should we say errorful era.  The suit was a symbol of that.  He was a man with a plan, and the 49ers improved under him.  All 49ers fans would agree they overachieved his second year when they had a 4-12 team talent wise, and they went 7-9.  Their talent however got better, but their record did not.  There were two things that ultimately led to his demise.  1. He was a terrible game manager.  Hence, the awful challenges and the strange 4th down calls.  He was not a good spontaneous football coach, unfortuately the NFL is a spontaneous league.  2. He never seemed to match his talent with his system.  The hiring of the free-spirited and free-slinging Mike Martz when the 49ers needed someone who would build an offense around Frank Gore and play-action, instead of 7 step-drops and J.T. O’Sullivan.  So why do I like the new Mike?

Because I think Mike Singletary does a few things great head coaches do.    As a leader of this football team, they will be on the same page as a team.  Their offense will compliment the defense, not be a separate operation as it seems to have been the first part of the season.  As a former player, he understands the spontaneity of football and should make better game managing decisions than Nolan. 

I do not care that he has never been a coordinator.  He’s not calling the plays.  He’s leading a team.  Leader is a word that has been synonymous w/ Mike his whole life.  He commands respect because he gives respect.  Leaders excel in life.  Yea, other factors like talent help, but a true leaders overcomes the lack of talent.  Singletary is the kind of guy you want on your side, and it is appropriate that now he gets a chance to lead our team.  Before he accepted the job, he talked with Mike Nolan about it.  I like the integrity of a guy in the NFL who cares enough about others that he doesn’t immediately seize a personal opportunity, but carefully considers others around him.  Mike Singletary is our Football Coach, and I approve that hire.

P.S. He’s an ordained minister.  That doesn’t gurantee success, but I, personally, trust people who trust in Someone more powerful than he is.


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