Aaronpedia Entry #4

Andrews, Dr. James is one of the 5 most influential people in sports, but nobody knows what he looks like.  He is mentioned almost daily on Sportscenter, as in, “(insert injured athlete name) is going to be examined by Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday.”  It is never a good sign for your team when he is mentioned with one of your athletes.

Flax, Holly is Michael’s Scott’s ex-girlfriend on The Office.  She was perfect for Michael Scott.  She was slightly more normal, but had Michael’s unique sense of humor.  She is currently in New Hampshire, 8 hours away from Michael, no contract with NBC, but still in our hearts.  Maybe for some people there is more than one person they could marry, but for Michael it’s Holly or unhappiness.

The Mentalist is my favorite new show this season.  It is smart and creative.  It is the story of a former TV psychic, who uses his gift of perception and creating opportunistic situations to solve crimes.  It’s good stuff, check it out.

Wesley Quadrilateral is the Methodist way for doing theology.  It involves using scripture, tradition, reason, and experiencing to seek to understand how God works in the world.  How you use can involve a great deal of argument, but I believe (and the Methodist Discipline agrees {maybe the other way around}) that Scripture is the primary norm and the other means should be used in relationship to those.


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