A Year of Blogging

This is my one-year anniversary of blogging.  I hope you have enjoyed it, as I certainly have.  Blogging has been a great outlet for me to share some of my insights and my world with others.  It has allowed me to get some of these seminary thoughts written out, and hopefully I can utilize these in sermons to come.  It has also been a joy to connect with the blogging community.  I now spend too much time each day reading blogs.  I thought for this one-year celebration, I would give you some stats, a list of my top 10 most viewed blogs, and my favorite blogs of the past year.

First some stats.  Total views: 8628.  Busiest Day: March 20, 2008, 684.  Best month: March, 2015.  Average per day: 25.  I have had visitors from all across the globe including recent visits from Saudi Arabia, UK, Indonesia (thanks Jordan), and Durham, NC. 

Top searches:  1. fantasy football 39 , 2. How to pay for seminary 39, 3. How to pick NCAA bracket 27, 4. Winning NCAA bracket 23, 5. How to pick a bracket 22, 6. Aaron Tiger 22, 7. How to pick a winning bracket 21, 8. How to pick brackets 17

Most viewed blogs:  1.  How to pick a winning NCAA tournament bracket-1233.  2.  My NCAA Tourney Bracket-301.  3. The Joker and Satan-137.  4. Wrigleyville, Our first trip to Wrigley-136. 5.  About-128. 6. Fantasy Football Draft Running Blog– 128. 7. Reflections on my First Semester of Seminary-124.  8. Will we finally heed Wesley’s Warning?-122. 9. Why would I raise an Ebenezer???-120. 10. What will Bill Self Do? A (mostly) balanced look at OSU and KU-115.

My personal favorite blogs of the past year:

Peculiar Grace in an Ordianry World: This is one of my favorite concepts of the past year.  These are the basics of peculiar grace: radical seeing of another, maintaining God’s truth, and extravagant love.  When God’s grace flows into the world, it should cause the world to look at Christians peculiarly.

My Great Uncle Irvin: This was a blog I wrote in honor of my Great Uncle Irvin’s 80th Birthday.  I woke up one morning and wrote most of the blog: a case of true inspiration.

The Liturgy of Our Lives: Most people don’t search for the word liturgy, and I could have used the word soundtrack of our lives because it involves what are the words, phrases, and ideas we are putting in our heads.

Lessons on Forgiveness: One of my first blogs, so it has a special place in my heart.  Forgiveness is hard for us all, but I learned some good insights in class, and thought I would share them here.

Uncomfortable Honesty: A simple look at how truthfulness should effect a church’s life.

Seeds of Youth Ministry: This was my first (and so far only) sermon posted on my blog.  I enjoyed writing it, and look forward to preaching it one day.

Nouns not adjectives: This is a way of looking at others in the world.  Too often we get focused on the adjectives before the names of the people, instead of the people themselves.

A “Free” Phone Line: One of my rants, and one that received a high number of comments.  Enjoy.

Fantasy Football Running Blog: My attempt to be like Bill Simmons, as I live blogged our fantasy football draft.  A lot of fun, plus I made one of the owners day as he was now able to google himself.

Aaronpedia:  This is my brief articles on current people, places, and things in the news.  It is an ever growing list.

Feel free to add your favorite blogs in the comment section.  Thanks for checking it out, and I look forward to many years of blogging.



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2 responses to “A Year of Blogging

  1. Heather

    Your interview with me didn’t even break into the top 10? How rude!! (Thank you Stephanie Tanner)

  2. aarontiger

    It was number 1 in my heart. The Being the Way You were made series was my best idea that I didn’t follow through very well.

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