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Asbury Seminary has a New President: Timothy C. Tennent (Updated)

After a lengthy and prayer-driven search, the Board of Trustees of Asbury Seminary have voted and approved a new president to lead Asbury Seminary.  Tuesday will be the joyous day where the Asbury community in Wilmore and across the world will join together and welcome the new leader of our Seminary.  To watch the service live please click here, which will take you to the live chapel streaming that will begin at 11:00 Eastern. I will update who is the new leader as soon as I can (I will post in the comments who is the new president from my cell phone in chapel and then post it in here later) and provide a link to the official release from the Seminary.  Our chapel service will run from 11:00-12:00 Eastern time, so shortly thereafter you can expect an update.   They have announced our new President as Dr. Timothy C. Tennent.  More info after the jump. Continue reading



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Are You Sure?

“Are You Sure?” it says with a sunrise as the background on the cover of the small brochure given to me this morning by 3 teenage boys from a local Baptist church who had the curious audacity to knock on a stranger’s door and inquire about his eternity.  It continues when you look inside, “Are you sure… if your life ended today, are you 100% sure that you would go to Heaven?”  As you look further inside, you see the 4 necessary beliefs, 8 ways to grow, a spiritual birth certificate with 5 of God’s promises, and a map to the Baptist Church. 

Evangelism is a curious thing to the Methodist in me who was raised in the Baptist-laden Oklahoma.  Continue reading


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Candidacy: Encouraging or Frustrating

The process for becoming a United Methodist minister should be difficult, but not confusing.  The calling of the ordained is one that comes with great responsibility.  We are all to familiar with the consequences of pastoral failures both morally and professionally, so the UMC needs to have a process that clarifies the calls of those who are called to ministry, and educates them and prepares them for the expectations of being a clergy.  However, maybe we have moved from difficult to confusing.  This is a problem.  The process is so confusing that there are so few people who understand the proper steps to complete the journey.  Here is my journey to commissioning: Talk with pastor, read red book, meet with District Committee (DCOM), get mentor, go through purple book, meet DCOM, get new mentor, go through blue book, meet with SPRC, Get approved by Charge Conference, go through Psychological test, meet DCOM again, graduate college, fill out disclosure form, take medical exam, meet DCOM again, get passed to Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM), complete 1/2 of seminary work including some specific requirements, preach sermon with manuscript and plan worship service, write Bible study, answer 20 questions in 32 pages, get forms filled out by DS, SPRC, Mentored Ministry, and Faculty advisor, and that’s where I am now.   I started the process in 2001 and will be done with everything by 2011.  Since my dad was on the DCOM, he was able to guide me through the process that I  would have possibly been lost without his help.  Many however are not so fortunate. Continue reading


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I write this from a cabin in the Smokey mountains just outside of Pigeon Forge, TN. I’m not for sure where I am exactly, the many sharp turns and curvy roads leave me unsure of where I am. It doesn’t help that we have no cell phone service. To say I am lost would be one word, but not the right word. Stranded might do it. So stranded that if a little more winter weather came down tomorrow than came down yesterday, we would have to stay here for a little bit longer praying for the sun to break through the clouds. Continue reading

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