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Reverend-Elect: My Experience with the Board of Ordained Ministry

The letter was non-descript.  3 paragraphs of type with one hand written note: 11:00 A.M.  That was the time of my meeting and one of the more crucial hours in my life.  Though like some crucial hours in one’s life: I was prepared for it.  Well, prepared in some ways, not as prepared in others.  Prepared because I had done a lot of work for this meeting.  Not just the sermon, the Bible Study, and the Theological questions, but more so the culmination of the past 8 years: going to classes, talking with family and friends, studying the Word, praying, preaching, being a youth director, going to Annual Conference, and a host of other things.  I had positioned myself for an hour that I was prepared for.  I was not fully prepared though.  I did not know what questions would be asked, what perspectives would be brought, or how my nerves would react.  My family and friends told me I had nothing to worry about.  They are wise folks, of course, but I was anxious anyway.  Continue reading



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An Old Song: A New Word

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” After singing that line hundreds of time, it never hit me until today. I loved the “Spirit Song.” It was one of those songs that we sang at the traditional service that felt contemporary. There was something about singing out to God, “Come and fill your lambs,” that resonated with me. What a great prayer this is! I adopted a model of this as my breath prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” During a good day, I will say that prayer many times. Other days, I don’t pray it at all. But yet, I still didn’t catch the line in the song that hit me over the head today. Continue reading

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Too many UM Pastors? A good problem to have.

There has to be a better way.  That’s my conclusion.  I don’t know if you are supposed to start a blog post with your conclusion, and plus if you are going to start it with a conclusion, then you probably should have a better one than this, but this is my conclusion, “There has to be a better way.”  If this was Jeopardy, there would be a lot of possible correct questions: What do we do about our economic situation?  What about a new design for Caprisun’s that don’t cause holes in both sides of the drink?  And this question: What do we do when a United Methodist Annual Conference have a substantial inflow of new clergy without the matching outflow needed to fill all the spots?  This is the situation of North Georgia and in North Carolina.  To read about the situation in North Carolina click here, where there are over 2 dozen clergy who are appointmentless.  Continue reading


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LT Update: March 23rd

A little LT update for all my family and friends.  We are now 11 weeks into our pregnancy.  It has been a roller-coaster last few weeks though.  We have made a couple extra trips to the doctor because of some bleeding that Heather has had.  So, on March 12th the good doctor told Heather to be on bed rest for 2 weeks.  While we were not excited about the news, we are doing anything we can to protect the baby and let LT grow and mature.  Heather’s mom, Peggie, has been here since the 18th and has kept Heather company, while I’ve been gone at work and school.  (She’s also done laundry, dishes, and cleaned the house as well!)  We go back to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon (25th) and hopefully we can get back to “normal pregnancy” life.  If not, well we will make adjust accordingly.

Now, for the fun stuff.  Continue reading

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How to Pick a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket: 2009 Edition

It is the ultimate activity for bragging rights: the NCAA Tourney.  Whether you are male or female, young or old, spend hours picking your brackets or chose your teams by who would win a fight between the mascots, anyone can fill out a bracket and have a chance to win.  In fact, a couple of years ago the winner who predicted George Mason to go to the Final Four did so because he thought they were George Washington.  So, here are 21 little tidbits of info for your bracket picking pleasure.   

1. Don’t trust Dick Vitale or Bob Knight for that matter.  They get paid to talk, not think.

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Two Parallel Lines

Two parallel lines.  They shouldn’t scare you.  They shouldn’t change your life, but they do.  Those two lines indicate not only the end of just Aaron and Heather as we know it, but a beginning of our new family. Continue reading


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From LOST to Revelation

I’ll admit it.  The Book of Revelation used to intimate me.  I would start reading it and stop once I got to something that I didn’t understand.  That never took long.  There are seals, angels, beasts, dragons, elders, strange creatures, lots of numbers, and much, much more.  The symbolism of Revelation is confusing at best.  Additionally, there are as many confusing theories as there are strange symbols.  The study of end times (eschatology) has so many different sections.  Not understanding dispensationalist, millennial beliefs, or the signs of the anti-Christ had me and I’m sure others, how do I say it, left behind.  So though I had read Revelation multiple times, I was clueless as to what it said.  Enter Dr. Mulholland and LOST.  I’ve mentioned Dr. Mulholland in some of my earlier blogs(here and here and here), and I have great respect for him as a disciple and teacher.  My love of LOST has been mentioned before as well, and if you give me a little time I think you will see the connection between LOST and Revelation. Continue reading

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