Two Parallel Lines

Two parallel lines.  They shouldn’t scare you.  They shouldn’t change your life, but they do.  Those two lines indicate not only the end of just Aaron and Heather as we know it, but a beginning of our new family.

It was Tuesday, February 4th when we found out.  We had been trying for a little bit, plus we go to Asbury Seminary where not only do pastors get made, but babies as well, so it was destined to happened.  Heather was late, so we stopped by Walgreens (that’s for you, G) and got one of those pregnancy tests.  To tell if you were pregnant it would show two little parallel lines, 99% accurate.  We had just gotten back from a vacation in Pigeon Fordge, TN (Go there if you get the chance), so I was busy unloading the car, when I walked in to see my wife’s face.  I told her later that I was expecting to see tears either way, but she had one of those “permanent marker on a dry erase board” smiles.  You know the smiles that nothing could possibly wipe away.  That’s when I knew: Two parallel lines, my life is different.  We hugged and then I went outside.  You don’t know what to say at one of those moments.  “I love you” worked though, it often does.  Of course our faces showed it, more than our words could.  Funny how that happens.

What do you do next?  I don’t know what most people do, but I finished unloading the car and just let it sink in.  (I think it still has some sinking to do.)  I’m going to be a Dad.  Now, I’ve thought about being a dad for a long time, and I have looked forward to this for a while, but when you see the two parallel lines, well that changes things.  I guess for me it is about transformation.  I cannot live my life as simply Aaron, the disciple, husband, son, student, friend anymore, but now I joyfully add Aaron the dad, Aaron the daddy, and Aaron the father to my identity.

So, today 24 hours after I find out I’m going to be a dad what do I hope LT (Little Tiger is what we are calling him/her until further notice) sees when LT looks at me?    I want LT to see a face of love no matter what happens. I want LT to feel the comfort of my hands through good times and bad.  I want LT to hear a voice of encouragement whether it is at a basketball game or a homework assignment.  I want LT to smell the sweet aroma of hope all around.  Most of all, I want LT to taste the joy of life through knowing Jesus Christ personally and deeply.  So pray for LT.  Pray for Mom, and while you are at it, pray for Dad too.  If two parallel lines changed his life, imagine what those two little feet will do.



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6 responses to “Two Parallel Lines

  1. Kel

    Awesome post, LT is an awesome name for the little one until you know the sex. We called ours bebe, because it just doesn’t feel right using a non-personal pronoun. Congratulations! When you all make it back to OK, all three of you are welcome to stop by Ada and enjoy a free meal at the Penny’s!

  2. Kendra George

    Your blog posted today almost made me cry!! Can’t tell you how excited I am for you two!! It is simply amazing! You can be SURE that those two little feet WILL change your life forever!! Stanley’s smiles and little sounds and movements melt our hearts on a daily basis! We will pray for you as you begin this exciting journey. You are not far behind us!!:):) CONGRATS!!!

  3. Shannon

    I’m still scared about going to Pigeon Forge in May. If there is something in the water there, I’m not drinking. But as I have said before, congrats Aaron and Heather. You guys are going to be great parents.

  4. Woot! And between you and Amy, Chris is going to be pretty much impossible to be around in a few months…

  5. aarontiger

    Thanks Friends! I appreciate your kind words and excitement. October 12th is our due date! Here is Heather’s blog about LT and my friend Rob’s comic about a way to announce a pregnancy.

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