An Old Song: A New Word

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” After singing that line hundreds of time, it never hit me until today. I loved the “Spirit Song.” It was one of those songs that we sang at the traditional service that felt contemporary. There was something about singing out to God, “Come and fill your lambs,” that resonated with me. What a great prayer this is! I adopted a model of this as my breath prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” During a good day, I will say that prayer many times. Other days, I don’t pray it at all. But yet, I still didn’t catch the line in the song that hit me over the head today.

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” I thought it was simple.  Something like give God your troubles.  Something is bothering you give it to Jesus.  You’ve read the same Bible I’ve read.  “Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.”  I’m thinking about Jesus talking about giving him your burden.  This is what I thought this line was about and I was right to a degree.

“O let Him have the things that hold you.”  Do you see it now?  How can I give him something that I don’t possess?  How can I give him something which is not in my control, but is actually controlling me?  Is this a mistake?  “O let Him have the things that hold you.”  It’s almost cruel.  God, I would give you this thing if I could, but I can’t.  Sin does that to us doesn’t it?  It holds us.  It controls us.  It is no understatement to say that we are slaves to sin.  This dark and corrupt world has got a hold on us.  We are held captive by our sinful thoughts, words, and actions.  Oh, we would escape them if we could, but they have a hold on us.  No matter how much effort we put into escaping sin.  The grasp of sin has us to tight.

But, (I love this word sometimes) this is where the Good News comes in.  “Because the sinless savior died, my sinful soul is counted free.”  (Before the Throne of God Above).  We can give God these things that hold us.  It has something to do with surrendering.  I think it was in one of the Harry Potter movies, where the Harry, Ron, and Hermione got caught in these vines called Devil’s Snare that got tighter and tighter the more they struggled and tried to set themselves free.  It was only when they stopped struggling and surrendered that they were free.  Ron, however, never stopped struggling and was being smothered by the vines.  It was only when Hermione shined light on the vines that he was released.  In the same way, it is only when we give up control, when we surrender, that we can “let him have the things that hold you.”  Light always beats darkness. 

“O Let the Son of God enfold you with his Spirit and his love.  Let him fill your heart and satisfy your soul.  O let him have the things that hold you and his Spirit like a dove will descend upon your life and make you whole. 

Jesus, Oh, Jesus come and fill your lambs.  Jesus, Oh, Jesus come and fill your lambs.”


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  1. How true,I enjoyed your post very much I to long to let go of the things that hold me,thank God for his patience with us.
    Numbers 6:24~26

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