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Singletary and Warner: An Imaginary Conversation

This is a purely imaginary and satirical conversation between Mike Singletary and Kurt and Brenda Warner.  In no way, do I think that this actually happens, nor how either men actually believe and live out their faith.  In fact, I know these are people who are solidly grounded on the Solid Rock that is Jesus Christ.  As one who is at Seminary and preparing to be a pastor, please allow me the privilege to have fun with our faith.  Enjoy.

Mike: Kurt and Brenda, welcome and shalom to 4949 Centennial Blvd.  We are thankful that you came out to San Francisco and visited us today.  Before we begin, let us pray.  Lord, We know that you have not brought us together today by accident.  We know this was a part of your plan.  We thank you, Lord, for having Matt Leinart be more concerned with his partying than his passing, Continue reading



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