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The Eyes of Fatherhood

            Some words that have changed my life: “I do,” “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” “From North Carolina,” “Have you ever considered a call to ordained ministry,” and now “You’re having a boy!”  The words came from a technician, but the gift is from God.  I have only begun to think about the ways in which having a boy might change my life, and I have a feeling that this Son of ours will cause me some frustration, but for today I just want to brainstorm about some of the things that I am most looking forward to do with our Son.

            I want him to know that his dad loves him, is proud of him, cares for him, wants to be a part of his life, supports him, forgives him, sacrifices for him, and prays for him constantly. Continue reading


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40 Days of Methodist Prayer


I am participating the 40 Days of Prayer that has been put together by the UMC Young Clergy.  I have been super busy with life lately, so I have not been able to do anywhere near as much as I would like to do with this, but I did write a prayer for this journey, and I strongly, strongly encourage each of you to participate in this.  I am going to post some links to the people who are spearheading this for us.

Description of the 40 Days of Prayer Campaign

UMC Young Clergy Blog

Prayer Feed

Buy the book either hard copy or downloadable

The blog post that started it all

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