The Eyes of Fatherhood

            Some words that have changed my life: “I do,” “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” “From North Carolina,” “Have you ever considered a call to ordained ministry,” and now “You’re having a boy!”  The words came from a technician, but the gift is from God.  I have only begun to think about the ways in which having a boy might change my life, and I have a feeling that this Son of ours will cause me some frustration, but for today I just want to brainstorm about some of the things that I am most looking forward to do with our Son.

            I want him to know that his dad loves him, is proud of him, cares for him, wants to be a part of his life, supports him, forgives him, sacrifices for him, and prays for him constantly.

            I am looking forward to having him fall asleep in my arms, calming him down that one time when no one (not even his mom) was able to, singing him to sleep with some classic hymns, giving him his first ball to throw, being there for his first catch. 

            I am excited about dressing him up in 49ers, OSU Cowboys, and Chicago Cubs gear, explaining the rules of pro football, showing him how to shoot a basketball and hold a golf club (with my swing maybe I will have someone else show him), giving him his first instrument, and helping him learn new words.

            I am thrilled about praying with him every night, teaching how to read his first Bible, hearing and seeing his wisdom about God, seeing a church community love him as I was loved, and memorizing his first Bible verse.

            I want to be there for him when a girl breaks his heart, when a job falls apart, when someone treats him unjustly, when someone close to us dies, when the journey of life causes friendships to change.

                        I think most of all I am looking forward to looking into his eyes and seeing his heart.  I look forward for the first time I see him with his eyes opened, blind as a bat, but I can see him clearly.  I look forward to the first time we make eye contact, and he recognizes me.  I look forward to giving him a comforting nod as he makes his way on a bike for the first time.  I even look forward to looking him in the eye and giving him a strong word of loving correction.  I look forward to making eye contact across a long arena as he succeeds in whatever area of life he is called to.  I look forward to winking at him when he and I know that the girl next to him will be there for the rest of his life.  I look forward to seeing his joy when he tells us, we are going to be grandparents.  And I look forward to looking deep into his eyes before we are separated on this earth with a loving assurance that we’ll see each other soon enough.

            And even if I don’t get a chance with each of these looks, I hope that he knows that every time we make eye contact that he knows this is my Dad.  He loves me, is proud of me, cares for me, wants to be a part of my life, support me, forgives me, sacrifices for me, and prays for me constantly.


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  1. Congratulations!
    Once your son or daughter is born your understanding of God (and grace specifically) will increase tremendously.

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