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 The church thinks a lot of evangelism.  How do we reach the least and the lost?  How do we present Christ in a compelling way to unbelievers?  Evangelism is an exciting business.  Hopefully, we all have seen people whose life has been radically transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.  We see them go from a nominal life to a joyful life.  There is the joy of the Lord within them.  This carries on for a while, but it seems like that many people move from that joyful life to a new nominalism that is masked as acceptable faith.  We may still go to church and read our Bible, but we don’t have that deep relationship.  Others of us may stop going to church except when culturally acceptable (holidays or to see someone perform).  Most critically, our inward relationship categorized by joy, love, and intimacy has become like a a old high school friend who we haven’t talked to in years, but we follow them on Twitter.  We know what is going on in their life, but we aren’t involved in their life.  Continue reading



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