2009 Fantasy Football Running Blog

Welcome to the 2nd annual running draft blog for the Central States Football Association or as I like to call it the “Friends of Keith Cooper League.”  (Read the first one here.)  It is a ten-team keeper league, where we keep any four players for as long as we would like.

This draft has a little drama for me.  I am working at Saul Good tonight, and though I have talked to my bosses and communicated the critical nature of this fantasy football draft, if we get busy then I will have to be on auto-draft and hope I get some good players.  Let the running blog begin.

Thursday Sept. 3

5:00- Leave for Saul Good.  It normally takes about 20 minutes.  I want to get there early, so that I can get off in time for the draft.

5:12- Running into some traffic on my way to work, hopefully it is no big deal.

5:20- It is a big deal.  There are detouring us into some neighborhood, better call and say I might be late. 

5:25- Still in the neighborhood.  There are all sorts of cars going all directions, this does not look good.

5:30- I am officially late for work, and I have no clue where I am.  I feel like I am in one of those real life mazes with all sorts of dead-ends.  This is no fun.

5:33- Car in front of me is getting directions, only 4 turns I hear the lady tell him.  I’ll follow him. 

5:43-Finally, get out of the maze.  Awesome.  I’ve never been late to work, and on the day I am asking for a special occasion, I am 20 minutes late.

5:50- I’m at work.  Time to start rolling silverware.  The only chance I have to draft is to get that silverware rolled.

6:30- Not too busy in here, odds of making the draft 80%

7:30- Uh-oh getting full, and silverware is piling up, not a good sign.  50%

8:15- Place is clearing out.  This is what I normally don’t like to see, but today this makes me very happy.  Silverware here I come.

8:30- Just got the official word, I’m cut!  Draft chances 100%.  I just have to roll silverware, sweep, and a few other things before the draft at 9:15.

9:11- I’m finally logged in for the draft, made it with just a few minutes to spare.  I am blogging live from the Saul Good Bar.  Me, I’m drinking a coke.

9:13- As I mentioned earlier, we get to keep 4 players, I have Brady, Payton Manning, Chris Johnson, and Fitzgerald.  Yea, that’s right I have Brady and Manning.  The Rinky Dinks waived Brady last season, so I picked him up.  I’ll probably trade one of them at some point in time, but now it is just fun to have them both.

9:15- The draft begin!

9:15- Boom, all of our keepers are set.  Four rounds just like that, done.

9:15- Rinky Dinks have the first pick and go with Reggie Wayne.  Solid selection by the Boatmans. 

9:16- Two players I am hoping somehow fall to me Frank Gore or Calvin Johnson, we’ll see what happens.  I got the 8th pick.

9:16- While most of the picks are solid, the first reach in the draft belongs to “the truth” who drafted Matt Ryan.  Very postmodern of our newest GM Eric to name a team “the truth” in all lowercase.  The Truth is he could have drafted Matt Ryan four rounds later.

9:18- I get my highest guy on my draft- Frank Gore- I’m pumped!!!!  Not only is he a great RB.  He is a great RB for my favorite team.  Hopefully my favorite team will actually play well this year.

9:20 Surprised the Tuff Tigers went with Wes Welker over Jason Witten, my dad loves to have Cowboys on the roster, and Witten is probably the most sure thing on the Cowboys roster.

9:22- 2 Antonio’s gone in a row.  I picked Bryant over Gates, though I think this equation is definitely not in my favorite Rivers>Leftwich/Prince/New O-Coordinator.

9:24- Alanstown Blues after drafting Calving Johnson and Ryan Grant says, “I guess this is going to be the players I like draft.” Beat me to it

9:25-Ochocinco succeed what he hoped to accomplish: being a topic of conversation, the truth “refuse to call him ochio cinco”  rinky dinks “you just did”  Gotta love fantasy football chat.

9:25- rinky dinks select Ryan Longwell for second place in the “never too early to draft a kicker club”.  the truth kept Jason Elam.

9:26- BUGEATERS- (still in all caps) select T.O. “there goes my locker room.”  Gotta love the imaginary fantasy football locker room. 

9:27- Apparently, we have got to the moody WRs portion of the draft with 2 out of 3 picks being  T.O. and Brandon Marshall.  The only 2 people on my do not draft list.

9:27- I just uncovered Alanstown Blues super-secret draft plan.  After keeping Brett Favre, he is drafting people connected to Favre.  For example, Ryan Grant used to receive handoffs from Brett Favre.  Now, Bernard Berrian is going to be catching passes from Brett Favre.

9:29- The draft is moving too fast for me, but I sure do love looking up and seeing college football on TV.  Even if it is South Carolina vs. NC State.

9:31- Blues take their time and goes with Owen Daniels, who used to play with Sage Rogenfels, who is now Favre’s backup.

9:34- I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I have no idea who Greg Camarillo is.

9:35- Beanie Wells picked by the BUGEATERS.  Love the pick.  Rookie RBs are worth the reach in our keeper League.

9:36- Blues draft Jay Cutler, who has been compared to (wait for it) Brett Favre!

9:38- Someone asked when I was going to draft Michael Crabtree, who is still holding out.  My response, “It won’t matter he’ll end up wanting first round fantasy football playing time.” 

9:40- Decided to draft Lance Moore.  If Brees throws for another 5000 yards, he is bound to have at least 800 of them.

9:41- Blues drafts Jerricho Cotchery, who used to catch passes from (wait for it) Brett Favre.

9:42- We have the “super-sleeper of the draft” or the “worse pick of the draft so-far”… Chase Coffman to “the truth.”  2 problems, 1. He is a rookie TE. 2. He plays for the Bengals.

9:43- BUGEATERS having a great draft.   Back to back great picks with Harvin and Moreno.  Remember this is a keeper league: potential matters.

9:47- I guess enough time has passed to start joking about Michael Jackson, as someone made a joke about Michael Jackson changing from black to white to blue.  I don’t know how to feel about that.

9:52- I had to go do some work, but I’m back, don’t think I missed much.

9:52- BUGEATERS select his mandatory Husker: Kicker Josh Brown.

9:53- Michael Crabtree just got drafted by the Parrotheads.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Actually, I know how I feel about this.  Are you kidding me Michael Crabtree?  You know how much you are worth, as much as someone will pay you.  Period.  They are not offering you an unfair contract.  Get over yourself.  This is the NFL if you play as good as you think you are, then you will get your money.  People will play a lot of money to have your smiling face associated with their product.  Some team will pay you a whole, whole lot to have you play even past your prime, and after you have destroyed 3 teams.  (See T.O.)  Plus, really you think that you will get MORE money by sitting out a year?  You have shown that you care more about yourself than a team.  You show that you don’t love football because you are willing to sit out a year, and by the way Dez Byrant is a better WR than you are, and the memory of your Texas TD catch will be largely forgotten.  Sign your contract and help the 49ers somewhere around week 10.  Thank you, back to the draft.

9:54- Jake Delhomme just got drafted.  Seriously, because nothing sounds like a solid fantasy backup like a guy who had 6 turnovers in his last game.  P.S. I’m posting this late, but Jake had a -9 for week 1.  Congratulations, if you had started me on your fantasy football team over Jake it would have been a great move.

9:57- Aaron’s annual reach for Vernon Davis is about to commence.  I drink the “this is going to be his breakout year” kool-aid every year.

9:57-Domenik Hixon just got drafted.  I like the pick under the Eli Manning is going to throw for 25 TDs and somebody will have to catch them theory.

10:00- Darrius Heyward-Bey just drafted by the Blues.  Keith tells me to go ahead and rip him.

10:01- Oh I will.  This breaks like 20 rules in fantasy football drafting.  Here is a few.  1. Never draft a Raider.  4.  Never draft a rookie WR to early.  7.  Never draft a guy whose best performance last year was at a combine.  15.  Be wary of guys with a hyphenated name.  20.  Do not draft a guy whose head coach breaks the jaw of an assistant coach. 

10:01- And Michael Vick is off the board by who else but the Rinky Dinks.

10:03- “We’re in the “dog days” of summer,” says the Rinky Dinks.

10:09- We are getting close to being done, and Saul Good has cleared out.  I didn’t miss out on a single customer because of the draft.  Which makes me feel less guilty.

10:14- Final round of the draft.  BUGEATERS select Plaxico Burress.  At least we know he will have a weapon this year.

10:15- I finally get my kicker, when you are supposed to: with your very last pick. 

10:16- Mr. Irrelevant is Brandon Pettigrew.  Glad he got drafted.  I think he will be a solid TE.

10:17- Gotta drive home, call my Dad on the way to reflect on the draft, and then spend a few minutes with my wife before I get some shut eye.


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