A New Church Vision

As my seminary career is getting closer to being finished, it is time for my self-instituted capstone project.  A blog series on the mission and core values of a church that I am called to lead.  Now, this is not just a project for me, but it is also an attempt to live out my recent calling to be a church planter in the United Methodist Church.  Heather and I are in conversations with my Annual Conference about planting a new church in the Oklahoma conference, and we covet your prayers for mutual discernment about where this call will lead.  I feel called to be part of a mother-daughter church plant.  My purpose of this blog series is just to flesh out some of these ideas and concepts in the blogging community.  It is also to be a place for potential mother-churches to understand my peculiar perspective on church ministry, and be a place for conversations with those congregations.  I will attempt to do one blog a week, until it is completed.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment as you feel lead.

  • Mission: Transforming the broken into whole-hearted disciples of Christ signified by our loves and lives.

Core Values:

  • Relationally Founded– Right relationships are the heart of our lives and ministry.
  • Spiritually Empowered– Embracing the gifts and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Peculiar Grace– Sharing the immense grace of God through extravagant and creative means.
  • Radical Hospitality– Going above and beyond to love others into the family of Christ.
  • Intentional Discipleship- Growing in faith and love through intentional community.
  • Authentic Worship- Seeking to glorify the Triune God through passionate, creative, and genuine expressions.
  • Scripturally Grounded- understanding and engaging the transformative Word of God.
  • Family Focused- Supporting and empowering the family no matter how unique as a basic unit of Christian discipleship.
  • Missionally Orientated- constantly and actively loving our neighbors both near and far.

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