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UMCOR- Living up to their name

I have at times been critical of the United Methodist Church, though I try to be fair anytime I critique the church, however this is not one of those blogs.  In fact, this is a blog of praise of our church.  The UMC does some things very well, and one of the best aspects of our church is the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).  Not only do they respond immediately to crisis, but they stay on the ground longer than most other organizations.  If you have not given to the disaster in Haiti, I would strongly encourage you to give through UMCOR.  100% of your money will go to relief, and you can be assured that they will be good stewards of your money.   This tragedy is personal for the folks at UMCOR as two of their leaders Sam Dixon and Clinton Rabb passed away in the Haiti earthquakes, while they were there working with Methodist leaders about what could be done to improve conditions for folks in that country.

Of course, for UMCOR every tragedy is personal because we are connected to one another.  This is a tragedy on a grand scale, and while I do not know anyone who passed away.  I know people, and I know grief, and I can only begin to comprehend the pain that is present for many there, who are so busy surviving that they have not had time to grieve.  While for many of us, we have been so busy being busy that we have not grieved with them.  So, do something.  Go here and donate.  If you have the chance, get on a plane and sacrifice your time.  At the very least,  Get on your knees and pray this. 


We confess that in our busyness, we have ignored the sufferings of your people.  We can avoid the brokeness of our brothers and sisters by merely changing the channel and reading the Sports page.  Forgive us, for our veiled attempt at sacrifice.  Create in us a new heart that flows with your love for others, and enliven the Spirit inside of us to be your disciples who love our neighbors both near and far.  Amen


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What more do we need to do? A question on Race and the Church

“What more do we need to do?”  That was the question that the white-haired, white-skinned gentleman asked our dark-haired, dark-skinned professor.  We had been talking about Sunday morning at 11:00 being still the most segregated hour on Sunday Morning, and the hands and the blood pressures in the room went up.  There were a variety of thoughts, opinions, and questions but this dark-haired, dark-skinned professor’s answer to his question is what stood out most to me. Continue reading

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Peculiar Grace

  • Peculiar Grace- Sharing the immense grace of God through extravagant and creative means.

In the church, we like to sing about grace.  “Amazing Grace,” “Grace Greater Than Our Sins,” and “Grace Like Rain” are just a few songs that come to mind, and as a United Methodist Church we especially love grace.  We believe in Prevenient grace, the grace that is present before we know Jesus as Lord.  We believe in Justifying grace, the grace that present at salvation uniting us with the Holy One.  We believe in Sanctifying grace, the grace that continually transforms us in the image of God.  And we believe in Glorifying grace, the grace that goes with us when we leave this Earth and enter that mysterious place called Heaven.  Needless to say, grace is a big deal. 

I like to define grace as anytime and anyway that God interacts with His creation, and I believe then that if the church should show anything, it should show grace. Continue reading

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