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Some thoughts on moving

I thought that I would have a list of things that I am looking forward to in our appointment to the communities of Roland and Muldrow through Trinity UMC.  These are in no particular order.

1. Finally being able to live out my call from High School.  People at my work have asked me if I am excited about going to be a pastor, and I tell them this: If you had a goal in front of you for 9 years (I accepted my call in the Summer of 2001), and you have spent the past 9 years pursuing that goal.  And now it is almost here, then yes, I am pretty excited.

2. Preaching every week.  I love preaching, and it is truly one of the gifts that God has given me.  Even though I have preached probably over 60 sermons, and I have preached a revival and at Youth Force.  I am greatly excited about preaching to a particular community week after week, and journeying with a congregation.

3. Reading books that I want to read.  Continue reading



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Aaron, this is your new D.S…

I thank God for caller I.D. Beginning in mid-February, every time the phone rang, I would get somewhat anxious… this could be the call that tells me where the next step in our journey would be. So, every time the phone rang, I would immediately look to see who it was, knowing that possibly there would be a 405, 580, or 918 (Oklahoma area codes) phone number that I would not recognize. Finally (and it would feel like a finally whether I had been waiting 5 days or 5 weeks), the phone rang, and I didn’t recognize the number, but it began 918. I looked at Heather told her this could be the call took a deep breath and answered it. “Aaron, this is Linda Harker.” Continue reading


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