Some thoughts on moving

I thought that I would have a list of things that I am looking forward to in our appointment to the communities of Roland and Muldrow through Trinity UMC.  These are in no particular order.

1. Finally being able to live out my call from High School.  People at my work have asked me if I am excited about going to be a pastor, and I tell them this: If you had a goal in front of you for 9 years (I accepted my call in the Summer of 2001), and you have spent the past 9 years pursuing that goal.  And now it is almost here, then yes, I am pretty excited.

2. Preaching every week.  I love preaching, and it is truly one of the gifts that God has given me.  Even though I have preached probably over 60 sermons, and I have preached a revival and at Youth Force.  I am greatly excited about preaching to a particular community week after week, and journeying with a congregation.

3. Reading books that I want to read.  The past 3 years, I have read some wonderful books, alright books, and some boring, dull books, but they have almost all been assigned by a professor.  So, I am looking forward to choosing my books.

4. Learning a community.  I am fascinated by people, and how people live in relationship to one another.  So, I am exctied about being in Roland and Muldrow, and learning about who our neighbors are in this community.  What is important, where is important, etc.  This is going to be fun.

5. Becoming a regular at a restaurant.  After working the past 3 years in restaurants, I’m looking forward to being served, but also to find a place of home away from home, where the food is fresh and the fellowship is sweet.

6. Seeing a community of faith surround my family with love.  You’ve heard it said, that it takes a village to raise a child, well I believe that it takes a loving congregation to raise a Christian, and I look forward to the good folks of Trinity to be that congregation that loves Micah and Heather as well.

7.  Being close to family.  We will be 1 15 minutes from Heather’s mom’s house, and 1 40 minutes from my parent’s house.  This is much closer than the 12 hours that we had in Nicholasville.  We will also be much closer to many friends as well.

8. Meeting new people and making new friends.  I really enjoy the process of meeting people and becoming friends.  So, as we move into a community where we literally do not know anyone.  There are a lot of potential friends.  This is also frightening.

9. Being home with my family in the evenings.  I have class or work 5 or 6 nights of the week.  I’m looking forward to helping put my son to bed more often.

10. Central time.  Favorite shows ending at 10 instead of 11.  That means an extra hour of sleep!  woot woot.

11. Oklahoma St. Cowboys football and basketball games on TV.

12. Teaching.  I enjoy this aspect of ministry, and I look forward to teaching.  For about 7 years, I’ve known that the first book that I would teach over would be Dr. Mullholand’s Shaped by the Word.  It changed the way I read the Bible.  I look forward to sharing it with others.

13. Equipping others to serve.  That is another one of my passions.  I’m looking forward to understanding how God has created others, and then sending them out to be those children of God in the world.

15. A Salary.

Things I am not looking forward to or anxious about…

1. Moving.  I don’t like packing, driving 55 instead of 75, worried about how our stuff is doing in the back of a truck, unloading, unpacking, and decorating (though I am more just the hands that help Heather decorate).  I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything looks pretty instantly.

2. Leaving our friends.  I really love some people here.  They are awesome folks and great friends, and we will miss them greatly.

3. The unknown.  Always makes me a little anxious.  We won’t visit Muldrow till we deliver the stuff to our new home, just one of the unknowns we will enter into.

4. Church people who don’t act like Christians.  Before moving to KY, the church we worked at had a fairly intense church conflict that was painful for us.  I am not anticipating people at Trinity to not act like Christians, but I know that we Christians sin as well, and it is often especially painful when it happens from within the church community.

5. Learning on the Fly.  While I am excited about learning how to be a senior pastor, I know that I will make mistakes, and I just beg for grace now.

6. Not getting to be in class with some of the living saints of the church like Dr. Kalas and Dr. Mullholand.

7. Saul Good and Tastebuds.  They have been a great places for me to work, and I have learned a lot about people, and about hospitality.  They have been great micro-communities for me.  I will also miss the instant cash that comes with a serving job.

8. Charge Conference Reports.  Every pastor I know has complained about them.  I guess I’ll join them soon.

9. Kentucky basketball fans.  They provided great comedy.

10. Estes chapel.  That’s one holy place.



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3 responses to “Some thoughts on moving

  1. Hey Aaron,

    I love that you say you are appointed to the community through the Church! That has been one of my biggest pet peeves since becoming a Methodist. I don’t understand the mentality that we are called to serve the church. We are called to serve through the church!

    Praying that your 1st appointment goes well.

  2. Things I am looking forward to about Aaron Tiger’s return to Oklahoma:

    1. Having a probationer who will regularly wash my truck if he wants my vote for his ordination in a couple of years.

  3. Ron Hay Pastor

    I have read your thoughts and respect & love your approach to serving as a Senior Pastor. You and Heather are in our prayers and thoughts as we are packing our bags & taking off for Tulsa. Please stay in touch when you are the Senior Pastor of Trinity.


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