Some Suggestions for the 2010 Oklahoma Annual Conference

I have a few suggestions to make  Annual Conference a little more interesting.  Feel free to add your own in the comments sections.

1. Use a scoreboard clock that counts down the allotted time for each report with a loud buzzer marking the end of the report, whether or not they were done or not.

2. Understand that those at the conference can read.  So if you do not have anything to add to the written report, then just sit down.

3. All tweets marked #okumc are immediately posted on the screen for all to read.

4. Each report should be graded on a scale of 1-10 and if any presenter receives an average score of 5 or less should not be allowed to report the next year.

5. Anybody ever play the clothe-pins game with a youth group, where everyone has 5 clothe-pins and tries to get rid of them without getting caught by the person they are putting them on.  We can play this at Annual Conference, so those that fall asleep during the Annual Conference will be seen clearly with the numerous clothe-pins on them.

6. Have a Design your own sarcastic button contest that pokes fun at the slogans and acronyms of our connection.

7. Gridiron should begin earlier in the day, even though their jokes won’t be quite as funny when people are more awake.

8. Bishop Hayes should teach a “How to have an awesome preaching voice like me” class.

9. Have a Welch’s Grape Juice sponsored Conference Drinking game with drinks being taken with lines such as “financial crisis,” “the plan,” and “I know we are running late, but.”

10. My personal favorite, everyone who is able should participate in Dr. Mouzon Biggs hair day.


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One response to “Some Suggestions for the 2010 Oklahoma Annual Conference

  1. Nice! I particularly like number 5!!

    But seriously, Aaron, what an amazing opportunity annual conference presents to pray together, petition the Lord, and ask the Lord for his help. Yet, we spent about 5 to 10 minutes total in prayer in the main session! This frustrated me!

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