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3rd Annual Fantasy Football Running Blog

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fantasy Football Running blog for the Central States Football Association or as I like to call it the “Friends of Keith Cooper Fantasy League.”  Last year, my team the Fuzzy Bears won the championship, so what do I do, but uproot my team from Kentucky to Oklahoma and change the names to the Trinity Tigers.

Growing up I would play Madden year after year, and needless to say I led the 49ers to a few championships in my time.  I remember all the hours that I would spend getting my team ready for the Super Bowl, and after winning the Super Bowl they would have a brief celebration on screen and that was it.   All those hours for a few seconds of reward, and you couldn’t talk to anybody and brag about it, because nobody cared.  Winning a Fantasy Football Championship is just a little bit better.  Basically the other people in the league care a little bit, but only because they want you to care when they win.  So, what do you do with all this excitement and joy that you have from winning?  My suggestion is that every community should have a designated celebration place, so that champions from all over town can go and celebrate together and talk about how your plan of picking up “whatever defense was playing the Rams” led to your victory.

Nevertheless onto the Running Blog.  I am blogging live from my house.  Micah is asleep.  My wife is reading, and we are watching 24 season 3.  So, spoiler alert. Continue reading


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