3rd Annual Fantasy Football Running Blog

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fantasy Football Running blog for the Central States Football Association or as I like to call it the “Friends of Keith Cooper Fantasy League.”  Last year, my team the Fuzzy Bears won the championship, so what do I do, but uproot my team from Kentucky to Oklahoma and change the names to the Trinity Tigers.

Growing up I would play Madden year after year, and needless to say I led the 49ers to a few championships in my time.  I remember all the hours that I would spend getting my team ready for the Super Bowl, and after winning the Super Bowl they would have a brief celebration on screen and that was it.   All those hours for a few seconds of reward, and you couldn’t talk to anybody and brag about it, because nobody cared.  Winning a Fantasy Football Championship is just a little bit better.  Basically the other people in the league care a little bit, but only because they want you to care when they win.  So, what do you do with all this excitement and joy that you have from winning?  My suggestion is that every community should have a designated celebration place, so that champions from all over town can go and celebrate together and talk about how your plan of picking up “whatever defense was playing the Rams” led to your victory.

Nevertheless onto the Running Blog.  I am blogging live from my house.  Micah is asleep.  My wife is reading, and we are watching 24 season 3.  So, spoiler alert.

9:05: Just got into the draft room.

9:07: Jack needs a 20 on Tony Almeida.

9:09: Five in the house so far.  We have a 10 team league, keep any 4 players from last year’s roster (my four Payton Manning, Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, and Larry Fitzgerald, people I didn’t keep Joseph Addai, Felix Jones, Vernon Davis, Giants Steve Smith, and Calvin Johnson)  My team was loaded.  Worst keeper: Rinky Dinks keeping Nate Kaeding, who I might have selected in the 17th Round.

9:13: Just received a text from league commish Keith reminding us all that draft is in 17 minute, because everyone needs a 17 minute reminder.

9:15: Making some popcorn for me and the Misses, and accepting congratulations from the fellow league owners on my championship last year.

9:19: Question of the day by Keith on the chat board, “more of tomorrow night: interceptions by Favre or fumbles by Peterson?”

9:20: 3 votes Favre 1 vote Peterson

9:23: Jack Bauer is saving the world, again.

9:24: Some folks chatting about how late the draft is 9:30 Central Time.  Makes me feel like the young guy in the league.

9:26: Best line of the day, “Crunk’n Fresh: I think the Trinity Tigers are the best-managed team in league history.”

9:27: I had just told people that any good quotes would go in the blog.

9:29: Wizards of Windsor are going to start.  He is not with us, as he is going to Vegas tomorrow morning.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in our fantasy football draft appears on the blog.

9:30 Wizards select Calvin Johnson, Austin Miles goes to the truth, and then wait for it… Brett Favre goes to the Rinky Dinks, breaking Keith’s heart, who would always draft him two rounds before anyone else.  The Rinky Dinks had a tough decision on whether or not to keep Big Ben, which they did.  I think I would have, but that’s a tough one.

9:31- Only 2 picks before mine, and I am hoping 49ers WR Michael Crabtree falls to me.  I think he’ll have a huge year.

9:31- This is awful.  My dad who owns the Tuff Tigers selects Michael Crabtree and then the Mile High Maniacs select Vernon Davis TE of the 49ers.  2 Niners right before I pick.  I had selected Vernon Davis the past 3 years 2 rounds too earlier.  This year I don’t even get that chance.

9:32: I pick the Giants Steve Smith is my first pick and then Dwayne Bowe.  Feel pretty good about my top 6: Manning, Johnson, Gore, Fitzgerald, Smith, and Bowe.

9:33: Long time before I select again.

9:34: We are moving right along, pretty quick and nothing to awful.

9:35: Just had the Best pick in the draft: Jahvid.

9:36: the truth is taking his time with his selections, which is nice for me lets me catch up on the blog.  He selects Joseph Addai.  So, the truth is addai (say it aloud, and it almost sounds like “a lie”)  Maybe it is getting late

9:38: Well this is the last time I give my Dad tips before the draft.  I tell him I like Crabtree, he drafts him right before me.  I tell him I like Mike Wallace, and he drafts him right before me.

9:38: And T.O. is off the board.  T.O. has been on my do-not-draft-under-any-circumstances-based-on-my-personal-feelings-list since he left the 49ers.  My pick is Dez Bryant the former and current Cowboy.  Emphasis for me on the former.

9:41: The Blues select Donald Driver.  Keith picking a Packer: shocking.

9:42: Best player on the board by far is Beanie Wells.  Can’t believe he is still there.  We are 80 picks in including our keepers.

9:44:  Tony is not very happy with Jack, as he is willing to trade his wife Michelle to Saunders the crazy lunatic mass murder.  Why then do I have this strange trust in Jack Bauer?

9:45: Gostkowski for the Pats has just been picked.  Is that the TE or the Kicker?

9:46: My pick is up and although I have three really good RBs, I’m selecting Beanie Wells.  My friend Bill would be proud.

9:47: And with my other pick, I select Robert Meachem because well I tackled him in High School, and anybody that is good enough to be tackled by me is playing in the league he should be on my team.

9:50: After I make a comment about the lack of chatting on the draft board.  We have this exchange.  “Tuff Tigers: It is hard for me to chat because I have yo look at the keys when I type.”  “Rinky Dinks: may want to look a little closer! Spell check!”

9:51: My wife just said, “Jack you are a terrible shot.”  Amazing how the hero’s accuracy is directly dependent on the drama needed.

9:54: I don’t know if I told my dad, that I liked Jacoby Jones, but he selected him nonetheless.

9:57: And the man with no contract: Vincent Jackson is of the board.

10:01: Jack Bauer has a tough decision to make.  Glad it’s him and not me.  I wonder if in a few years we will be making Jack Bauer jokes instead of Chuck Norris jokes.

10:02: For the record, I tackled Robert Meachem because I had man to man coverage on him in the slot.  (Advantage Meachem), and he caught the ball in front of me (didn’t get beat deep!) and fell to the ground (and I was the closest one.)

10:03: I’m going to pick Alex Smith.  This is how much I believe in Alex Smith for the Niners.  I’m drafting him.  Even if he never plays because Manning will start every game.

10:05: Must be late for people, as the draft room is quite quiet.  Blues select Sidney Rice.  So, he has both Rice and Santonio Holmes.  At least one of those two should pan out in the second half of the season.

10:07: Nice move Jack Bauer.

10:07: Blues select Sam Bradford.  For the record Sam goes between Rian Lindell and Josh Scobee.

10:12: The Sanchize is off the board.

10:12: The final round, and I get Mr. Irrelevant and I am going with a Kicker, as it should be.

10:13: Laurent Robinson, I have no idea who this guy is.  Should I?

10:15: Poor Tony.  He was just trying to save the life of his wife.  He was not committing Treason.

10:15: It is my final selection, and I am holding off so people can say their goodbyes.  Always enjoy the Fantasy Draft.

10:16: For the record there was no Darrius Heyward-Bay selection.  And barely any Raiders for that matter.

10:20: I can’t stand Sherry Palmer.

10:23: And the annual post-draft conversation with my Dad.  Good times.  I’m hopeful to repeat and whether I do or don’t, you probably won’t care anyway.


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  1. Amy

    Enjoyed the Trinity Tiger/Tuff Tiger interaction and comments…made me giggle out loud…

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