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The 4th (not quite Annual) Fantasy Football Draft Running Blog

It’s fantasy football time again, and it’s time for my not-quite-annual-and-probably-not-that-many-people-read Fantasy Football Running Blog. I’ve been a long time member of the Central States Football Association (CSFA) or as I like to call it the Random Friends of Keith Cooper League. Winning a Fantasy Football League is like winning the Super Bowl on Madden only 9 more people sorta care what you accomplished.

Last year, my dad won his first championship in our league, so he’s our defending champ. We don’t have a trophy yet, though we’ve talked about it for about 6 years. Needless to say the United Methodist Church makes decisions quicker than the CSFA. I’m trying to talk Keith into getting a Fantasy Football Championship Belt, so maybe in my 2019 blog I’ll show you a picture. Continue reading


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