The 4th (not quite Annual) Fantasy Football Draft Running Blog

It’s fantasy football time again, and it’s time for my not-quite-annual-and-probably-not-that-many-people-read Fantasy Football Running Blog. I’ve been a long time member of the Central States Football Association (CSFA) or as I like to call it the Random Friends of Keith Cooper League. Winning a Fantasy Football League is like winning the Super Bowl on Madden only 9 more people sorta care what you accomplished.

Last year, my dad won his first championship in our league, so he’s our defending champ. We don’t have a trophy yet, though we’ve talked about it for about 6 years. Needless to say the United Methodist Church makes decisions quicker than the CSFA. I’m trying to talk Keith into getting a Fantasy Football Championship Belt, so maybe in my 2019 blog I’ll show you a picture.

We’re a Keeper League, which means you can keep some players from the year before. We keep any 4 players, and I don’t think anyone kept a kicker this year, so obviously we’re improving. We have a new owner named Andy, who’s draft makes me think he’ll be better than the guy he was replacing. In any fantasy league you need at least 20% of them to not know what they are doing, and if you can’t name who they are, then it is probably you. (This is one of my favorite jokes.) Alright without further ado, here’s my Running Blog.

9:26- Log onto the Chat room, where there is not much chatting going on.
9:27- Begin researching the 2014 fantasy season.
9:29- My team name was the Trinity Tigers, which represented the church I was at and my last name. But since I’m a Methodist Minister who’s moved I’m realizing my team name is once again obsolete.
9:35- As a Pastor’s Sundays are my long day, so I’m pretty tired. I also participated in the #icebucketchallenge earlier this afternoon, so that was um exciting.
9:40- Five minute countdown and I have no clue what my plan is or who I should draft.
9:42- The Rinky Dinks (and their names is normally quite appropriate) finished 3rd last year. I’m not sure how but they have Manning, Peterson, Demaryius Thomas, and Jimmy Graham as their Keepers.
9:44- Chat Conversation is about the newest member of our league (Andy Henson) and his team name. My dad (his former Pastor) recommends the name Barefoot Wonders because Andy likes to lead worship in his bare feet. No word on whether Andy is wearing shoes for the draft or not.
9:45- It’s showtime. The most exciting 15 minutes of the fantasy football season. My Keepers are Colin Kaepernick, Eddie Lacy, Doug Martin, and Randall Cobb.
9:45- Andrew Luck is off the board and Andy has his QB for the next 10 years. Makes we wonder WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD NOT KEEP ANDREW LUCK IN A KEEPER LEAGUE! I’ll have to figure that out later.
9:47- Kinda hoping that Montee Ball or Julio Jones would slip to me and neither did. Instead I drafted Giovani Bernard and now I have 3 RBs and I only get to start 2 of them. In the 5 minutes before the draft, I decided my strategy was there was only a small number of upper tier RBs remaining, so if I could get one, I could do that and then draft a bunch of WRs.
9:51- My four-year-old son Micah fell asleep on my wife, so I had to take him to his room. When I get back, I only have :46 seconds left to pick, I pick up Michael Crabtree. Just so you know, I’m picking up Sammy Watkins in the next round. (Again this is a Keeper League, so you gotta take some shots on some rookies earlier then you normally would.).
9:52- No chatter on the chat board. Only picks.
9:54- Bishop Sankey had gotten picked. Which if you had told me Bishop Sankey would be talked about this morning, I would have asked what conference he was the bishop of.
9:57- The Rinky Dinks draft Alex Smith about 4 rounds to earlier or the same mistake the 49ers made in 2005.
9:58- Wizards of Windsor pick a Kicker who can’t play the first 4 weeks, and that’s why you never let a computer auto pick for you.
9:59- Rinky Dinks select Eric Decker or the guy who is about to learn how much better Manning made him look. Manning >>>>>> Geno Smith
10:06- No major run on TEs yet, I’m kinda surprised.
10:08- My strategy draft lots of RBs and WRs, and see which ones excel.
10:10- I’m hoping the ESPN fantasy guys are right that Ladarius Green is a huge sleeper, b/c I picked him solely on that advice.
10:14- I draft Ben Tate b/c I’m a big believer in always drafting skill players on the Browns.
10:19- We’ve entered the character portion of the program with Ray Rice and Big Ben going off the board. Hope somebody picks Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon soon.
10:21- And Andy picks Carlos Hyde ruining my next round pick.
10:24- Actual quote on the chat board, “Alanstown Blues: Crap, I was checking the Tuff Tigers draft results and thought I hadn’t picked a defense yet.”
10:29- Keith(Alanstown Blues) has been utilizing the whole 1:30 that we have per pick, so we have a longer draft, which is great unless you are remarkably sleepy like I am right now.
10:31- And Andy goes again drafting Darren Sproles when he was cued at the top of my draft list.
10:34- Alanstown Blues select Greg Jennings, so I immediately type this, “You can take Jennings out of Green Bay, but you can’t keep Keith from loving him.” Meanwhile he types this concurrently, “Hoping my former favorite Packer bounces back this year.”
10:35- Maniacs pick Josh Gordon, “I may have to change my name to the convicts.”
10:36- I pick the Ravens Defense because I’m a big Harbaugh fan. Harbaugh is one of those words that I don’t ever spell right the first time.
10:38- Watching a Cat video my wife sent me.
10:45- The draft is over, so now it comes time for my annual call to recap the draft with my Dad. This concludes my running blog. Good night and Good luck.


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