Aaronpedia is my personal encyclopedia for my thoughts.  My friend, Chris Symes, gave me the idea, and so I will post my own thoughts on different topics, first on my blog and then transfer them here to Aaronpedia, if there is anything that you want to know my thoughts about just post them on the comment section, and I will get to them as soon as I can.  Enjoy!

2008– is possibly the greatest sports year of all time.  There was the Giants upset over the evil empire: the New England Patriots.  We had possibly the greatest tennis match of all time: Nadal over Federer at Wimbledon.  There was the incredible Kansas-Memphis title game, where KU came back in the last few minutes and won in overtime.  Of course, we had the greatest US Open of all time with Tiger Woods legendary victory on a broken leg.  Even the NBA had its day in the sun with a Lakers vs. Celtics final.  2008 is also the year of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt’s incredible performance at the Olympics.  All we need is a cherry on top, how about the ending of a 100 years of futility by a certain Midwestern baseball team?  (Well that didn’t happen)

Andrews, Dr. James is one of the 5 most influential people in sports, but nobody knows what he looks like.  He is mentioned almost daily on Sportscenter, as in, “(insert injured athlete name) is going to be examined by Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday.”  It is never a good sign for your team when he is mentioned with one of your athletes.

Asbury Seminary is my graduate school that I attend.  It is located in Wilmore, KY, a Mayberry-type community just outside of Lexington, KY.  The strength of the school is the integration of spiritual formation into everything.  I have been challenged and have grown a ton in my time here.  Because of Asbury, I will be a better disciple and a much better Pastor.

Biden, Joe is Barack Obama’s Vice President Nominee.  He is supposed to help Obama with some of the Hillary Clinton vote, Catholics, and those who don’t think Barack is strong enough in National Security.  Most importantly, he wrestled the nickname “Scrappy kid from Scranton” away from Dwight K. Schrute.

Beau is our dog.  He is an American Eskimo, a white fluffy ball of fur.  He can give high-fives, dance, and enjoys playing hide and seek.  He, also, greatly enjoys barking his head off when anybody beside Heather and I come into the house, but we love him. 

Bryant, Dez is an Oklahoma State WR who might just be the most athletically talented WR in the country.  He has great size, incredible hands, but also has such great quickness that he is the Cowboys Punt Returner.  As the next few seasons progress, he will become a household name.

CBS Sportsline Gameday is the best place to watch a Sunday NFL game, if you can’t get it on television.  I have spent many a Sunday afternoon on this watching the 49ers helmet go backwards, while their opponents helmet move to the endzone.  It keeps you updated with every live stat you could want.

Completly Automated Bathroom– For the longest time, I have had a dream of the completed automated bathroom, with the quadfetica of automatic toilet, sink, soap, and paper towels/hand dryer.  I had this happen for the first time at the Lexington Airport on our recent trip home.  This made me happy.

Facebook is a social networking site.  It allows you to keep up with people.  Some that you care about, and a few who you have tried to forget.  It is also responsible for the term “facebook friends,” which is a new word for an acquittance who is on your friend list, but you don’t actually talk with.  It is also soley responsible for causing people to think in “status updates.”  I cannot tell you how many times during a day I complete the sentence in my head, “Aaron is…”

Flax, Holly is Michael’s Scott’s ex-girlfriend on The Office.  She was perfect for Michael Scott.  She was slightly more normal, but had Michael’s unique sense of humor.  She is currently in New Hampshire, 8 hours away from Michael, no contract with NBC, but still in our hearts.  Maybe for some people there is more than one person they could marry, but for Michael it’s Holly or unhappiness.

Jesus Christ is the most important person who has ever lived.  He is not only my personal savior, but the savior of the world.  He challenges us to live a radically different life centered not on ourselves, but on God and others.  The love that he exhibited should transform us, inspire us, and challenge us to be like Him and share that light with others.

Little-Go-Daddy- was my personal nickname for my first car, a 1993 red Honda Civic.  LGD for short, it was the little car that could.  Two things stand out about the LGD.  It was a standard, a feature I miss a great deal on my current Civic.  Secondly it was the home of Steve.  Steve was a 49ers slinky head that bounced around my dashboard.  (Named in honor of Steve Young because he had a painful look on his face) Everybody loved him except for Heather, who gave him a concussion that ended his dashboard career.  I have since forgiven her.

The Mentalist is my favorite new show this season.  It is smart and creative.  It is the story of a former TV psychic, who uses his gift of perception and creating opportunistic situations to solve crimes.  It’s good stuff, check it out.

Phelps, Michael is an amazing athletic phenomenon most known for his 8 Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Olympic games, but his most incredible feat is his pre-race condor stretch that shows off his incredible wingspan.  Also, he helped make NBC millions and millions of dollars, while getting a million from Speedo for winning so many golds.  Additionally, he kept me up at night for a week straight.

San Francisco 49ers are my favorite football team and have been my entire life.  The first football game I remember watching was when the 49ers beat the Broncos 55-10 in the Super Bowl.  Favorite 49ers player is Jerry Rice.  Currently, I am unsure how to feel about the Niners chances in 2008.  I feel confident about 75% of their team.  However, the 25% that I do not feel confident about include the starting QB and the Head Coach.  Those are kinda important positions on a football team.

Smith, Alex was the 1st pick of the 49ers in the 2004 draft, who we will never know how good he is.  He has had 4 offensive coordinators and 4 no. 1 receivers.  Currently, he is the back-up to journeyman J.T. O’Sullivan, who has been let go by 6 teams previously.  Alex is a guy who we all want to do well, but for a variety of reasons hasn’t put it together yet, and he may never get the opportunity to. 

Tiger, Heather is my wife who I love very much.  She is an incredible person, who has shown me much love and grace in our relationship thus far.  She enjoys our walks with Beau, Air-1, movies, Lost, time with friends and family, Tulsa, and me.  One of her greatest traits is her ability to share a residence with me and put up with my piles of stuff, ocassional snoring, and other subtly annoying traits that you only really notice once you have been around a person for a while.  I guess you could say that her greatest trait is her love.

VH1 is the show that has perfected the art of “car wreck TV.”  Rarely is there something meaningful on VH1, but yet we are easily drawn into such classics as “I love the ____,” “100 greatest Songs of the ______,” and “40 greatest ________ moments.”  I have wasted too many evenings (by that I mean more than 1 evening) on these entertaing, addicting, and pointless shows.

Wesley Quadrilateral is the Methodist way for doing theology.  It involves using scripture, tradition, reason, and experiencing to seek to understand how God works in the world.  How you use can involve a great deal of argument, but I believe (and the Methodist Discipline agrees {maybe the other way around}) that Scripture is the primary norm and the other means should be used in relationship to those.


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