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A Holy Agitator: My thoughts from Willimon’s book Bishop

A Holy Agitator. I think that is what I would call Bishop Will Willimon. There are a lot of people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, but there is no one who quite has the theological mindset of Willimon. As I read through his most recent book Bishop: The Art of Questioning Authority by an Authority in Question, I found myself nodding my head frequently, shaking my head occasionally, and AOL (Amening out loud) often. (I just came up with that, let me know if that is dorky or cool, or a combination of both.)

This is not a book review because I’m not the book reviewing type, but I do think great ideas should be shared, so I’ll share some of what the good Bishop writes, and then add my own commentary. Just so you know I read it on my Kindle, so I’ll put the Kindle location on the quote. I highlighted many passages in the book, so this is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy, learn, and get agitated.

The most important appointment a bishop makes is the selection of district superintendents…Nothing moves in the UMC until a DS commits to leading that change.” KL 259-265 Continue reading



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Thinking like a Bishop: General Conference Primer

If you liked my last post then you will want to read this. Using the same quote from Wesley, the Bishops of the extended cabinet posted their thoughts from it. Better written than my and probably deeper than my analysis, but it does make me happy to know that I think like a Bishop. Here are a few other UM links that are worth checking out. A basic vision and plan of the UM church from those same bishops.  This site has examined all that the extended cabinet has written about.  A lot to wade through, but good stuff.  This guy also has a lot of good stuff and writes for the United Methodist News Service. That’s it, go here for General Conference updates.

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